Candid model photos show reality of capturing the perfect Insta-shot

Candid model photos show reality of capturing the perfect Insta-shot

Hazards of the job! Model shares hilariously candid photos which reveal the lengths influencers go to in order to capture the perfect Instagram snap

  • Vienna, from Thailand, shared candid snaps with her 580,000 Twitter followers
  • Photos reveal the less-than-glamorous outtakes of an enviable social media feed
  • One pictured Vienna being spooked by pigeons moments after taking glam snap

A model has shared hilarious photographs which offer a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into capturing the perfect Instagram shot.

Vienna, who has more than 150,000 followers on the app, posted a series of images to Twitter which reveal the less-than-glamorous outtakes from her enviable social media feed.

One of the photo sets, which shows Vienna posing in a waterfall, includes a second snap in which she is frantically pushing water out of her face.

Another shows the model, from Thailand, being spooked by pigeons moments after she took an influencer-style photograph which painted a much more graceful scene. 

Here FEMAIL has gathered the most hilarious – and relatable – of the model’s candid behind-the-scenes snaps.

Model Vienna, from Thailand, shared a candid behind-the-scenes look (right) at an enviable photo of herself underneath a waterfall (left)

Another photo set captures Vienna being spooked by pigeons (right) moments after taking a gorgeous shot perched by the birds (left)

In a third candid snap, the model is seen struggling to blow up a red Pixar balloon (right) after taking a perfect photo (left)

Vienna also shared an image of herself blinking while drinking beer (right) after she posed with a hot drink for an angelic picture (left)

In another snap, the model has her fringe pushed back and is chomping on an ice lolly (right). Moments earlier, Vienna had posed with two Disney-themed ice pops inside a theme park (left)

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The model was also captured wet and bedraggled struggling to climb out of a pool (right) after taking a stunning photo in the water (left)

In this photo set, Vienna – dressed in a swimming hat and goggles – splashes water in her face (right) after posing for a glamorous snap on the pool steps (left)

The model also shared a photograph of herself posing in the sea (left) – and moments later struggling to stay upright in the waves (right)

This pair of photographs captures Vienna holding her phone with her foot (right) in order to capture the perfect snuggled snap (left)

In another, the model is seen with a friend minus her glamorous make-up (right) after an Insta-worthy snap is taken (left)

Vienna also shared a realistic version (right) of a ‘just woken up’ Instagram photo (left) to her Twitter, in contrast to a more staged one

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