Buckingham Palace is selling a £200 Luxury Christmas hamper

Buckingham Palace is selling a £200 Luxury Christmas hamper

A jolly royal Christmas! Royal Collection unveils its festive range for 2021 including a £200 foodie hamper, a corgi decoration and a £175 boozy gin basket

  • The Royal Collection is advertising a Luxury Christmas Hamper priced £200 
  • Includes festive treats, corgi decorations, an apron, mug, tea towels and tea 
  • Also selling a Gin Hamper for £175 with Palace’s two gins, glasses and straws 

Royal fans will be able to add a regal touch to their Christmas festivities after Buckingham Palace unveiled its range of festive treats for 2021, ranging from foodie hampers, and cute decorations inspired by the Queen’s corgis, not to mention a boozy hamper for gin lovers containing Her Majesty’s own variety. 

The Royal Collection shop, which has started offering seasonal hampers in recent years, is advertising several new offerings ahead Christmas 2021. 

The Luxury Christmas Hamper, priced at £200, contains an array of festive snacks and treats such as mince pies, chocolate coins, Buckingham Palace preserves and Christmas puddings. 

Other items in the hamper, which can be delivered in the UK, Europe, Canada and the rest of the world, but not to New Zealand nor Australia, include a crimson apron, a mug set with Christmas tea, an apron and matching tea towels and an adorable corgi Christmas tree decoration. 

A Festive Food Hamper priced at £125, £60 stockings and a gin hamper worth £175 are also for sale on the Royal Collection’s website. 

Buckingham Palace is selling a £200 luxury Christmas hamper full of festive treats including a Christmas pudding, spice tea, mince pies, chocolates and sweets, as well as decorations and other items, pictured 

The luxury hamper also contains delicious Buckingham Palace chocolate coins. A Festive Food hamper worth £125 is also advertised on the Collection’s website 

The luxury hamper contains several traditional festive treats, including mince pies, biscuits, shortbread, a Christmas pudding, and a spiced Christmas tea.

It also includes sweets, preserves, chocolate coins and salted caramel chocolates, and a salted caramel sauce, as well as strawberry and apple sweets. 

Fans of royal memorabilia will get a chance to get their hands on a crimson apron with a Buckingham Palace coat of arms, and a red mug with matching tea towels.

The hamper also includes an adorable Corgi Christmas ornament to put on your tree.  

The Luxury hamper contains this adorable Corgi ornament, but it can also be bought separately for £12.95 

Royal fans with a sweet tooth will be able to get their hands on apple and strawberry festive treats, left and chocolate coins, right. The hamper also contains a Christmas pudding that can be bought separately for £9.95, left 

The Festive Food hamper offers a similar selection of products, but doesn’t include the corgi decoration, nor the apron and the spiced tea. 

If you don’t want to fork out a fortune to try the delicious royal treats, the mince pieces can be bought separately for £6.95 and the pudding can also be purchased for £9.95. 

The Corgi, alongside 49 other Christmas tree ornaments, can be bought separately for £12.95.  

Both hampers can be delivered around the UK for £4.95, in Europe from £15, in Canada from £20 and around the world from £30. However, they can’t be delivered in New Zealand or Australia.  

The Royal Collection Trust is also selling a £60 crimson Christmas stocking, which bears the Buckingham Palace coat of arms, pictured

Foodies will be able to enjoy their mince pies, right, with a cup of the Spiced Christmas trees that comes in the hamper, with a mug, pictured 

The indulgent festive basket also includes fruit preserves, a caramel sauce, sweets and chocolates filled with caramel 

What’s in the Buckingham Palace  

The £200 Luxury Christmas hamper includes  

– Mince pies

– Cranberry biscuit tube

– Spiced biscuit tube

– Miniature shortbread tube, 

– Christmas pudding

– Strawberry and apple sweets 

– Salted caramel chocolates 

– Christmas pudding Caramel chocolates

– Chocolate coins 

– Spiced tea

– Salted caramel sauce

– Corgi decoration 

– Chocolate coin

– Red apron

– Christmas coffee mug and matching tea towel

That is not the only festive items the Royal Collection is selling this year, fans will also be able to buy their own royal Christmas Stocking for £60. 

The stocking measures 48x30cm and the Royal Collection describes it as a ‘magnificent, exclusively designed, red velvet stocking.

It bears the Buckingham Palace coat of arms in gold and can be tied up thanks to a golden cord.  

‘Beautifully embroidered with glistening threads and pearl beading, this festive accessory is one to treasure for years to come,’ the description reads. 

The Palace has also put together a gin hamper of best-selling tipples, which costs £175. 

It contains the Buckingham Palace Dry Gin which was introduced in 2020, and the  Buckingham Palace Sloe Gin which succeeded it i May 2021. 

The two bottles of gin come with two tumbler glasses, metal straws and rose and violet cream chocolates. 

On its own, the Buckingham Palace Sloe Gin costs £30 for a 50cl bottle. 

According to the charity’s online shop, it has a unique and intense flavour.

The original Buckingham Palace Gin was launched in July 2020 and is infused with botanicals from the Palace garden including lemon verbena, hawthorn berries, bay leaves and mulberry leaves.

The first batch sold out within eight house of going online.

All profits from sales of the sloe gin go to the RCT to help fund the care and conservation of the Royal Collection.

The chef of the house will receive this crimson apron with the Buckingham Palace coat of arms, pictured 

Foodies will be able to taste the Buckingham Palace’s caremel sauce, which coms in a 160g jar, pictured 

The hamper, pictured, which comes in a  whicker basket, can be shipped in the UK Europe, Canada and around the world, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand 

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