Brits share Celebrations chocolate they hate the most – and it’s not Bounty

Brits share Celebrations chocolate they hate the most – and it’s not Bounty

There's been a lot of controversy this week after it was revealed the humble Bounty was set to be binned from Celebrations.

Even though some may say the coconut sweet treat isn't the most popular chocolate, it turns out it's not the most hated of the bunch.

Manufacturer Mars Wrigley may be considering axing the the sweet from the confectionery assortment, but more people seem to be fans of coconut than previously thought.

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According to WalesOnline, the decision to bin the choccie came after research revealed that 39% of consumers wanted to rid the mini Bounty bars from the Celebrations tub.

This led online supermarket Britsuperstore to analyse over five million internet search results to find out what Brits really think about the popular choccie selection.

It led to revealing the nation's least favourite Celebration chocolate is actually the Milky Way, which had less than 8,000 searches over the last five Christmases.

In contrast the much-loved Maltesers came out as the nation's Celebrations favourite having received over 170,000 searches.

The study also exposed that, last Christmas, Galaxy seemed to be a particular favourite of the selection tub, as it was searched for over 100,000 times.

Searches in past five years

  • Milky way chocolate bar – 7,881
  • Galaxy Caramel – 9,616
  • Galaxy chocolate bar – 12,538
  • Twix – 43,059
  • Mars bar – 53,997
  • Bounty – 84,519
  • Snickers – 91,080
  • Maltesers – 179,014

Searches made last year

  • Milky way chocolate bar – 2,282
  • Galaxy Caramel – 2,294
  • Twix – 11,118
  • Bounty – 11,549
  • Mars bar – 12,772
  • Snickers – 22,635
  • Maltesers – 37,567
  • Galaxy chocolate bar – 101,563

Richard Price, director of Britsuperstore, said: "It's no surprise that Malteasers has taken the top and been crowned the nation's favourite as it's something the whole family can enjoy.

"However, getting rid of Bounty can be quite a controversial decision as the searches do speak for themselves that the public still enjoys them at Christmas so this is a brave step for Mars."


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