Bradley John Murdoch now: What happened to Peter Falconio’s killer?

Bradley John Murdoch now: What happened to Peter Falconio’s killer?

BRADLEY John Murdoch is serving a life sentence after being found guilty of killing Peter Falconio nearly 20 years ago in the Australian Outback.

The 2001 case is being re-investigated as police have now issued a fresh appeal for information to locate Falconio's body on the 20th anniversary of his disappearance.

Who is Bradley John Murdoch?

Bradley John Murdoch was convicted of killing British backpacker Peter Falconio in 2001 and is currently serving a life sentence for the crime.

Peter and girlfriend Joanne Lees were on a road trip through the Australian outback when they were flagged down by a man in a truck and attacked.

Peter didn't survive but Joanne managed to escape and was able to help identify Murdoch as the killer.

Murdoch shot Falconio in the head before attacking Joanne and restraining her with cable ties in his car.

Joanne managed to escape and hide in nearby bushes for five hours, before waving down a passing truck for help.

Police were never able to locate Falconio's body.

Bradley was born on February 29, 1958, in Geraldton, Western Australia, to a mechanic and a hairdresser.

He lived in Northampton and then Perth – where he reportedly joined a biker gang after dropping out of school aged 15.

He was a drug smuggler who served 15 months for shooting at crowds celebrating at an Australian rules football match in 1995.

Eight years later, just before he was charged with Peter's murder, he was charged with seven counts of abduction and rape, but later acquitted.

He has always protested his innocence in the murder case.

What happened to Bradley John Murdoch?

Sixteen months after the incident, Murdoch was arrested and charged with Peter’s murder thanks to Joanne’s identification combined with DNA evidence.

Murdoch pleaded not guilty to Peter’s murder and to assaulting and attempting to kidnap Joanne.

But he was unanimously convicted in 2005 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Murdoch has launched several failed appeals against his conviction.

Now aged 62, he remains in prison at Darwin Correctional Centre.

He will be 74 years old when he is eligible for parole in 2032.

The four-part documentary Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery is available to watch on All 4.

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