Boy, 9, hasn’t been to school in six months as mum fights ‘disgusting’ system

Boy, 9, hasn’t been to school in six months as mum fights ‘disgusting’ system

The mum of a schoolboy who has been out of school for six months has spoken of her anger at the "disgusting" situation.

Susan Mason’s nine-year-old son Alfie Jay Mason was attending St Richard’s Academy, in Hull, up until July this year when he moved with his mum, older brother Kieran Mason, 13, and dad Jason Anderson to Bransholme.

After months of knockbacks from Highlands Primary, Bude Park Primary School and Cleeve Primary School, Susan, 35, was left with no other option but attempt to get her son back into St Richards – but has had no success.

She said: "We moved house in July to Branshome but after being knocked back because Alfie was still on the roll at St Richard’s, I decided to try and get him back in there but we keep getting fobbed off and being told we need a meeting but we’re not sure why.

"It is disgusting that this has been allowed to happen. I’ve had enough now and no one is bothered."

Alfie was attending St Richard’s from 9am until 12pm, five days a week, due to him having special needs.

Miss Mason, said: "He has a lack of understanding English and social anxiety around his peers. He keeps getting knocked back because of his needs. He is still on the roll at St Richard’s but they keep fobbing me off."

After appealing to get Alfie into Bude Park Primary School, Miss Mason was sent a letter and told her application was unsuccessful after stages carried out by Hull City Council.

The letter states that: "The school has a high proportion of SEN children on roll" and that "it was the view of the admissions authority that to further admit pupils into this year group would be prejudicial to the efficient use of resources and prejudice the provision of efficient education".

She was also told in a letter from the school admissions department that the application to Highlands Primary School had been unsuccessful because: "The school has been advised that to admit Alfie would adversely affect their provision to bring about an efficient education for children currently on roll in the school."

Miss Mason said she has received advice from a woman at the Kids charity, which aims to support families of disabled children, who recommended Miss Mason attempt to get Alfie into the school for at least three days a week.

She said: "They said to try and get him in. I was supposed to have a meeting with them last Monday which has been put off until next Monday and I feel like we’re getting fobbed off.

"They keep moving the meetings but he’s been out of education for six months. It is like he is getting penalised for something that isn’t his fault.

"I wanted to move him school because we had moved and it would take two buses and an hour and a half to get to St Richard’s but after the knockbacks I thought just get him back into the school he was already on the roll for.

"I’ve been calling St Richard’s up for six weeks to try and sort it out. My eldest is at Aspire Academy and gets picked up and dropped off we haven’t had any problems with him."

Miss Mason said her son is struggling without an education and enjoyed going to school.

She said: "He already wasn’t at the level he is supposed to be at and he has missed out and is supposed to be in year five now. He should have started that year group in September.

"He enjoyed going to school but has had to stay at home with me and he gets distracted and won’t sit down to try and learn. I keep calling up but I am not getting anywhere, it isn’t fair on him."

A Hull City Council spokesman said Alfie was offered a place at Sutton Park Primary School but the offer was declined – which Miss Mason said was down to the distance from her home.

She said: "It is too far away. It would be a 45 minute walk just to get there and by this point I had already decided to send him back to St Richard’s because it had been going on for far too long. I’m fed up of it all now."

A spokesman for the council said: "Mrs Mason made an application for a primary school in the Bransholme area in August. As the school was unable to offer a place, her son was allocated a place at Sutton Park Primary School.

"Ms Mason refused this place and has lodged two appeals for her preferred school of Bude Park, which were unsuccessful.

"Two further applications in the Bransholme area are currently being processed. The pupil is still on the roll of his previous school in east Hull."

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