Blake Shelton ‘Misses’ Gwen Stefani On ‘The Voice’: The Show’s ‘Extra Special’ When They’re Together

Blake Shelton ‘Misses’ Gwen Stefani On ‘The Voice’: The Show’s ‘Extra Special’ When They’re Together

Blake Shelton loves being on ‘The Voice’, but it’s just not the same without his lady. The country star’s greatest wish is to have Gwen Stefani by his side again on the show, we’ve learned exclusively.

Life is good for Blake Shelton, but something would make it better: having Gwen Stefani back on The Voice! Blake misses working alongside his lovely lady every day, and he’s campaigning to get her back on the show as as either a fellow coach or advisor asap. “Blake loves working on The Voice and loves working with the other coaches each season, but it’s safe to say that he misses having Gwen on the show,” a source close to the “I Lived It” singer told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He feels that the show is extra special when she’s involved.” Gwen joined The Voice in 2014, going on to coach during seasons seven, nine, and 12. She served as an advisor for seasons eight and 10.

Blake and Gwen met on the set of the singing competition, and fell in love in 2015 after both experiencing heartbreaking divorces — from Gavin Rossdale (Gwen) and Miranda Lambert (Blake), respectively. Their chemistry was so apparent on the show even before they went public with their romance. When they announced their relationship status, they had no qualms about being all lovey-dovey, even yelling across the studio that they loved each other on air! Gwen left the show when she decided to focus on her music, much to Blake’s sadness, and was replaced by awesome artists like Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson.

But the show must go on! “If Blake had his way, he would like to see Gwen return to The Voice very soon,” the source dished. He’s looking forward to her inevitable return and knows that it would be really fun like the first time around.” As much as he wants it, Gwen probably won’t be spinning chairs with her guy anytime soon. She currently has an amazing residency in Las Vegas that’s keeping her busy. He fully supports her, no matter what she does.

HollywoodLife reached out to Blake’s rep for comment on this story.

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