‘Big Bang Theory’ exclusive: Watch Sheldon Cooper get advice from his ‘Young’ self

‘Big Bang Theory’ exclusive: Watch Sheldon Cooper get advice from his ‘Young’ self

“The Big Bang Theory” proves one scientific theory in Thursday’s episode: Adult Sheldon meeting his boyhood self does not destroy the universe, despite the amassed brainpower.

It does, however, lead to an amusing sort-of conversation when the characters encounter each other through the miracle of videotape, as revealed in a first look at how the CBS comedy (Thursday, 8 EDT/PDT) introduces the boy genius at the heart of spin-off “Young Sheldon” to “Big Bang.”

The episode, “The VCR Illumination,” picks up as adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) remains in the throes of depression after learning the Nobel-seeking theory he constructed with his wife, Amy (Mayim Bialik), has already been disproved. It’s just the right time to break out “the emergency pep talk you made when you were a kid,” she says.

After Amy loads the VHS tape, the two Sheldons exchange matching salutations, and the fastidious 10-year-old (Iain Armitage) even asks for a password: “Sheldon’s younger self wants to make sure that it’s actually him watching the tape,” executive producer Steve Holland says.  

The boy also explains the specific gravity of the situation: “If you’re watching this, I assume something bad has happened, something unfortunate and unforeseen. Something that’s making you question everything.”

Sheldon responds, as he often has: “I’m so smart.”

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