Best Sunhats For Kids 2021 | The Sun UK

Best Sunhats For Kids 2021 | The Sun UK

WE'VE picked out some of the best sunhats for kids to help give them protection from the sun in the spring and summer months

AS the sun's rays become stronger, it's time to keep our kids covered from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

What is the best hat for sun protection?

When shopping for a sun hat for your child, you need to be looking for one that covers or shades the face, scalp, ears and neck. "Look for styles like a wide brimmed floppy sun hat or a legionnaire hat with a peaked cap, and ear and neck cover," advises Dr. Fuona Worsnop, consultant dermatologist at Stratum Clinics.

“Choose a bright or dark densely woven fabric; dark or bright coloured hats will absorb UV, allowing less to pass through the material to the skin," she continues. " A quick test to see how much light passes through the hat when you hold it up to the sun can be a useful guide; if the sun shines through, so will the UV reach the skin.

The consultant tells Sun Selects that some clothing makers include UPF labels—UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor and tells us how much UV radational can reach the skin.

Like suncream, the higher the UPF rating, the better it is at blocking UV.  "A garment with UPF 50 can block 98% of the sun's radiation, which is excellent protection," Worsnop explains.

Where can I buy the best sunhats for kids?

Luckily, sun hats are available from most major online and offline retailers in the UK.

If you're on a budget, look at shops such as H&M, Primark and supermarket brands such as Nutmeg at Morrisons and F&F and Tesco.

For specialised children's clothing, brands such as Mamas and Papas, Jojo Maman Bebe and The Little White Company also have a selection of sun hats.

Remember, to heed the advice when looking for your child's next sun hat. For more safety information for being out in the sun, visit the NHS website.

Columbia Sportswear Youth Junior II Cachalot

  • Youth Junior II Cachalot, £18 from Columbia Sportswear — buy now

This sun hat is perfect if your young one is a fan of hiking. The fabric locks in moisture, keeping children dry and protected during hot, summery days. The hat comes with a visor and a neck cape to shield sensitive skin from the sun. As the price is on the higher side, it's definitely one for more specialist hikers rather than an everyday wear.  

H&M Sun cap with UPF 50

  • H&M Sun cap with UPF 50, £7.99 from H&M — buy now

This hat is part of the "conscious" range at H&M. It has UV-protective fabric with a peak at the front and a flap at the back—this is to protect both the face and the back of the neck from the sun's rays. It has a UPF of 50.

The bright colours are also a great way to spot your child when out and about, with the sea animals providing a great visual sensory stimulation. A great option for those who have tight budgets.

 Jojo Maman Bebe Flap Sun Hat

  • Flap Sun Hat, £12 from Jojo Maman Bebe — buy now

This hat is designed with sun protection in mind. With a long flap at the back, helping to avoid sunburn on the neck, and UPF 50+ protection, this flap sun hat is a great holiday accessory. The retailer has also designer the flap hat to coordinate with many of its swimwear styles, making it a must-have for the beach.

Our tester, a toddler, tolerated wearing this hat during his days at preschool. The lightweight material proved a hit with them, while the snug-elasticated fit meant it was harder to come off their head.

Solbari Playtime Sun Hat UPF50+

  • Solbari Playtime Sun Hat UPF50+, £32 from Solbari — buy now

The ultimate accessory for sun protection. Solbari, who also produced suncream and adult-sized accessories, has some great outback-este hats for your little one. This particular hat was loved by the tester and the parent for many reasons.

The sun hat has a brim and flap—measuring at 11cm—at the back, offering protection of the face, eyes, ears and back of the neck. The the chin strap makes it easier for parents to secure hats to their toddlers, while the drawstring at the back allows the hat to grow with the child.

The material is lightweight and breathable, with side mesh to keep the head cool when out in the heat. It also has a UFP of 50+

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