Best Ski Boots 2019 | The Sun UK

Best Ski Boots 2019 | The Sun UK

SKI boots are an absolute essential for those hitting the mountains, and you simply can't ski without them.

When buying your own ski boots it is paramount you have boots that are compatible with your skis and bindings.

So what are the best ski boots to buy?

There are a vast array of ski boots, which can be broken down into four main categories, alpine, alpine touring, cross country, and telemark.

Alpine ski boots are fastened at the toe and the heel to make sure the foot is locked down at all times, while the telemark style are very similar, except they have an additional flex point feature to help you perfect the telemark turn, and alpine touring boots are a combination of both.

However, cross country boots are lighter, but still durable, with a tie fastening and waterproof outer cover.

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