Best Fruit Beers 2019 | The Sun UK

Best Fruit Beers 2019 | The Sun UK

JUST as beers without alcohol have become all the rage – and tasty to drink – fruit beers are most definitely having a moment. And you don't even need to book a train over to Belgium to enjoy them since there are plenty of delicious options available to buy online now.

Fruit-infused beers, many made with delicious local, seasonal fruit flavours, offer a twist on the classic beer-drinking experience for beer lovers, and can also lure in fans who want a flavour that’s a bit sweeter, or tarter, than they would normally get from beer.

Even Lidl has embraced fruity beer: the supermarket recently launched a vegan passionfruit beer, Passion Killer, as part of its British Beer Festival in August 2019.

While we’ve seen fruit beers infused with everything from mangoes to grapes (rosé beer is trending across the pond), you'll typically find fruit beers with citrusy or berry combinations to add a vibrant punch to everyday hops.

While fruit beer can be enjoyed on its own, you can wow some dinner guests by pairing it with flavours that bring out the fruity deliciousness – teaming fruit beer with puddings tends to work well, since you can mirror the flavours in the food and drink, like serving a berry tart with a similar beer flavour to enhance the experience.

Fruit beers also tend to work well with contrasts, like creamy cheeses or sharp, acidic salads. Or turn your fruit beer into jam to spread on your toast or turn it into a tangy jelly. Prost!

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