Best Friend Christmas Jumpers 2020 | The Sun UK

Best Friend Christmas Jumpers 2020 | The Sun UK

THERE ARE lots of lovely ways to show your friends you love them, from bringing them soup when they're feeling the winter chills to calling them to say you love them…

Our favourite? Twinning with them for the festive season by doing TikToks and partying in coordinated Christmas jumpers!

The 'twinning' trend is only going from strength to strength, as families are coordinating matching outfits with their kids and friends and colleagues are planning joint looks for all of their festive-season parties.

When it comes to Christmas jumpers for friends, you can take the subtle approach with a cute slogan sweatshirt design.

Or you can go all out with a full-on festive Santa and Elf design in a two-person jumper (see Boohoo for inspo).

One tip: just make sure you really, really get along with your friend before you spend an entire party attached to them via knitwear…

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