‘Being a Love Island bombshell is so awkward – nobody speaks to you, it’s unbearable’

‘Being a Love Island bombshell is so awkward – nobody speaks to you, it’s unbearable’

Love Island may have only been on our screens for two weeks, but every episode has brought its own twists and turns.

Fromcomplicated love triangles toLove Island Australia crossovers, the winter series in South Africa has been sure to bring plenty of drama from the get-go.

And one obstacle that always causes a stir is Casa Amor, which sees the contestants put in two separate villas as they get to know a series of new bombshells.

Having entered during the twist last stage,Billy Brown knows the realities of being in Casa Amor all too well. Here he speaks to OK! about his experience…

“I was approached to go on Love Island around eight months before the show. My mum always told me that I should go on it, but I always refused as I didn’t think it was for me. Then I told my dad about it and he told me that if he was in my position he’d go for it.

I ended up applying and went through four or five rounds of interviews because I thought I didn’t have anything to lose. A week before I flew out I got told that I’d be entering Casa Amor.

I was a bit gutted that I wasn’t in the original line-up, but it was still a great opportunity so I knew I’d be stupid to turn it down. I always support the underdog, so being in Casa Amor felt like that and made me want to prove to people that I could find love.

I spent some time in isolation with my chaperon and only met the other Casa Amor boys an hour or so before we entered the villa together. People think that the Casa Amor boys and girls have time to get to know each other before going in, but that’s not the case at all. It’s not just the girls you have to get to know – it’s the boys too. Luckily all of us clicked straight away because we were so excited to be sharing this experience together.

Because I didn’t know anyone in the villa, I made it my mission to balance getting to know the other boys while also cracking on with the girls. In the morning, the boys and girls are separated during breakfast, so that’s when I made sure to get to know the other boys.

At the end of each meal I’d tell them that as much as I liked them, I was going to be spending the rest of the time with the girls because I had to move mad. We understood each other because it had to be done

It may have only lasted for a few days but Casa Amor was so much more stressful than I thought it would be. You hardly have any time to actually think about how you’re feeling.

The hard thing is that the girls already have a place in the main villa so they can play it cool because they’re safe and they already have a couple – it’s the bombshells who are fighting for their place and that’s the pressure.

For the first day in Casa Amor, the atmosphere was so on edge and the boys and girls were hardly talking. It felt so weird and as if we’d intruded on the girls’ space and had suddenly entered their house without being invited.

I made sure that we could all have lots of races and rubber ring games which really helped ease the tension. I tried to get the producers to let us do a sports day but they refused.

You can’t relax in Casa Amor for a second. I was always in the beach hut coming up with ideas to get us all bonding and I was constantly checking what I could and couldn’t do when it came to that.

Luckily I got on with a few girls in the villa and Tasha and I clicked straightaway – something which surprised me a bit.

On the day of the recoupling, I woke up and told myself that I’d get to know the girls more. However, after breakfast we all got told to get changed and I assumed that it meant that we were going to do something with the girls.

Instead a voice came over the tannoy that told us all to go and stand around the firepit. Luckily I’d spoken to Tasha the night before and things between us were looking good. As soon as the tannoy came through I looked at her as if to say ‘is it a yes or a no?’ but I got nothing back and was so stressed because I couldn’t tell.

When I got picked it was such a relief but you can’t show how happy you are because it looks strange. No recoupling has ever shown someone looking excited about making it through, so you have to keep a straight face and act as if you don’t care.

I have no regrets when it comes to Love Island, although if I did it again I’d want to go in closer to the beginning. Going in halfway is very dog-eat-dog and you’ve only got three days to find The One.”


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