Bake Off viewers go wild over Noel Fielding’s ‘psychedelic’ shirt

Bake Off viewers go wild over Noel Fielding’s ‘psychedelic’ shirt

Bake Off viewers go WILD over Noel Fielding’s psychedelic shirt – with one joking that it had ‘hypnotised’ them

  • Great British Bake Off fans were mesmerised by judge Noel Fielding’s shirt 
  • The comedian wore a green and black patterned shirt with a pair of blue jeans 
  • Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their view on the ‘psychedelic’ ensemble
  • One said it made them ‘dizzy’ while another claimed it was ‘bending their mind’

Great British Bake Off viewers went wild over judge Noel Fielding’s ‘psychedelic’ outfit on this weeks episode, with one claiming it had ‘hypnotised’ them. 

The 46-year-old British comedian appeared on the show wearing a bright green and black patterned shirt paired with a pair of blue denim jeans. 

Tonight’s contestants were given the task to create Bengali sweets called mishtis – during dairy week, but Twitter was more concerned with the presenters shirt, rather than their creations.

Several viewers quickly took to the social media site to share their opinions on the funky outfit, with one claiming that ‘looking at the shirt was like being at the opticians’ while another said it was ‘bending their mind’. 

Great British Bake Off viewers have gone wild over judge Noel Fielding’s (middle right)  ‘psychedelic’ outfit on this weeks episode

The comedian wore a bright green and black patterned shirt paired with a pair of blue denim jeans 

One said: ‘Why does Noel’s shirt make my eyes feel unfocused? It’s like being at the opticians where one lens isn’t quite right.’ 

Another wrote: ‘Noel’s shirt is a complete headf**k.’ 

While another user asked: ‘Is Noel Fielding’s shirt making anyone else dizzy?’

Another viewer agreed: ‘Its just me? But Noels shirt is hurting my eyes’. 

Viewers were quick to share their opinions on the funky outfit with one saying looking at the shirt was like ‘being at the opticians’

More viewers agreed that the outfit was ‘playing havoc’ with the eyes of the viewers with one even claiming the outfit was giving them a ‘migraine’ .

One wrote: ‘Aahhh your shirt on #gbbo is playing havoc with my eyes. #magiceye’. 

Another commented: ‘Bad timing to have a couple of beers before bake off this week with Noel’s magic shirt bending my mind’. 

A third wrote: ‘I have to have your psychedelic #GBBO shirt for my niece’s wedding! I’m aiming for subtle mad Aunt look. Love it. Where’d you get it, if you care to reveal?’ 

One more added: ‘Gosh anyone else getting a migraine from Noel’s shirt this week.’  

More viewers agreed that Noel’s shirt was ‘playing havoc’ with their eyes, with one claiming irt was ‘bending her mind’  

It seemed it wasn’t just the viewers that Noel caught the eye of, as he and contestant Helena Garcia joked about getting hitched on Halloween. 

The baker caught Noel’s attention with her almond and buttermilk cake, shaped like a ghost, as well as her spooky outfit complete with a vampire brooch pin. 

As the judges, Noel, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, approached her cooking station she revealed: I’m decorating it as a little ghost, a cute ghost.’ 

Showing off her Halloween themed outfit, she said: ‘It’s a little vampire… Prue just wait.’ 

 Contestant Helena Garcia caught the attention of judges Paul Hollywood,Prue Leith and Noel with her Halloween themed almond and buttermilk cake

The baker quickly showed off her Halloween themed attire, catching the eye of presenter Noel 

The comedian joked that he ‘loved’ the contestant, who teased that the pair would run away to get married together on Halloween 

As he left, Noel confessed: ‘I don’t know what to say, I love you.’

She quickly responded: ‘Well I’ve told my husband that I’m divorcing him so we can get married on Halloween.’ 

Referring to his long-term partner Lliana Bird, he replied:  ‘Okay I’ll tell Birdie today.’  

As well as Noel’s quirky shirt and his flirtation with Helena, Steph took home the prize of star baker, while Phil left the competition. 

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