Baby boy drowns in bath after mum steps away for two minutes to check washing

Baby boy drowns in bath after mum steps away for two minutes to check washing

A 13-month-old baby drowned in the bath at home as his mum left the room to check the washing for no more than two minutes, an inquest heard.

Oliver Rhodes struggled in the water and, though CPR was administered, died in the "tragic accident".

His inquest today in Boston, Lincs., was told how mum Amy Rhodes took Oliver and his two-year-old twin siblings upstairs and put them in the bath on June 13.

She left the room for two minutes maximum to check on her washing on the radiator but heard one of the siblings shout, Lincolnshire Live says.

The horrified mum found her baby underwater, called 999 and tried desperately to save him at RAF Coningsby, Lincs.

Paramedics dashed him to hospital but medics were unable to save the tot. He suffered a brain injury.

Marianne Johnson, assistant coroner for Lincolnshire, gave a verdict of accidental death.

She told Boston Coroner’s Court: "Amy decided to give them a bath. We have heard evidence in a police interview given by Amy. Mrs Rhodes states that she took the children upstairs and put them in the bath.

"She needed to check on the washing on the radiator.

"She came back upstairs and the children were playing and laughing. She went to the bedroom to sort the washing.

"While doing that she heard one of the siblings shout out. She went to the bedroom and Oliver was under water. She grabbed him and pulled the plug out of the bath."

Amy’s family since donated the baby’s heart, kidneys and liver in a bid to help other children in desperate need.

"Oliver’s parents consented to organ donation and that is something they should take great credit for," added Ms Johnson.

"We hope that will bring life to other children."

Lincolnshire Police said there will be no action taken against the family.

Detective Sergeant Claire Rimmer, who read from a police report, said: "The parents showed love and care of the children.

"[Mrs Rhodes] went to check washing and get nappies. There is evidence that she was doing this.

"She believed he was able to support himself in the bath. She was listening out and could hear children singing. There is no evidence of any act by Amy to cause Oliver to drown.

"A young child of that age could drown in a matter of seconds."

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