Ariana Grande Chapter 2 review

Ariana Grande Chapter 2 review

I don’t know what magic is being sprinkled over Ariana Grande as of late, but I’ve been determined to find out if this fairy dust is her r.e.m. beauty Chapter 2 makeup collection. That’s not to say the singer hasn’t always looked like a literal angel, but for some reason her eyes seem brighter, her skin smoother and her lips extra glossy in recent months.

Could it be that she’s formulated her new range to specifically make us look like ethereal creatures too? I hope so, which is why I got my hands on the collection to see if it could give my usual makeup a little boost.

By way of introduction, this new range has just launched this week on, ready to shop for those of us based in the UK. The prices of the products range from £15-£38, making them mid-range compared with similar products on the market. I will say, though, you definitely get your money’s worth in payoff and pigment, but more on this in a second.

The collection is fairly small, with just eight products featuring in this drop, so smaller than Ariana’s first range which boasted 12 products. All of the buys are makeup related, with shimmer eyeshadows and multi-use blusher sticks acting as the focal point of the range.

Interested in getting to know the products a little better? Here’s what I thought of the ones I put to the test, and what you can expect from the others…

Midnight Shadows Eyeshadow Palette, £22 here

This was the product I first gravitated towards. I feel like Ariana has such a recognisable eyeshadow style, with pale pastels and white shades being particular favourites of hers. I tried the GoGo Boots palette, which featured a pastel purple and blue, but there are two other colourways if you prefer other shades.

I have to say, I was stunned by the pigment. Considering that light colours tend to be quite weedy on application, these were incredibly punchy and highly blendable. In the snap here you can see I used the light champagne shade and the lilac, and I actually think the effect is very *Ariana*.

Midnight Shadows Metallic Gel Eyeshadows, £15 each here

I was devastated not to have these in my testing package because they look amazing. The formula is a “bouncy gel”, so nothing like your usual creamy eyeshadow pots. The ultra-fine, star-like pigments layer lids in a dreamy metallic colour that glides on and blends easily. You can shop these in five suitably other-wordly shades.

Midnight Shadow Clear Eyeshadow Gloss, £15 here

I found testing this to be very interesting as I’ve never used a gloss over my eyeshadow. I was worried it would make my eyelids sticky, but luckily it felt comfortable. You only need to dab a tiny bit over your base eyeshadow colour to get a dewy effect. I like how it transforms a matte shadow into a multidimensional shade in just a swipe.

Dream Lashes, £15 here

Ariana also has a very unique eyelash style. She doesn’t tend to go for thick and fluttery falsies, but instead prefers a more gappy and doll-like lash look. These new 3D lashes come in two styles to give you her favourite look.

They’re also made from faux mink fibres and feature a very thin band, making them virtually undetectable on your lids. I love them, especially the Provocateur styles that I’m wearing in the image.

Eclipse Cheek & Lip Stick, £18 each here

Ariana definitely thought of us girls on the go when she created these. You can use the sticks on your cheeks, lips and lids, giving you a multi-use pop of fresh colour when you’re stuck for time. I tested the cool berry Call Back shade, which was very pigmented, so I only needed to dab on a little bit but the effect was gorgeous. The formula was also very easy to blend out with my fingertips.

You can shop the stick in four other vivid and muted shades to suit all skin tones.

Full Night’s Sleep Cooling Blurring Undereye Balm, £18 here

This was another product I didn’t have on hand to apply, but I’ve been doing my research to find out if it in fact can cheat a good night’s sleep. The verdict from Instagram users? It’s a “hero”.

If you’re interested in how it works, the botanical-powered cooling balm offers results both instantly and over time. The ingredients help to soothe and blur imperfections, while caffeine helps to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles.

Mist Thing Calming Face Mist, £20 here

I have to say, this was the most underwhelming product for me. Not that there was anything wrong with it, per se, it’s just that I’m not a big mister. However, I know some people can’t leave the house without packing a spray in their handbag, so if you do love a mid-day mist, I’m sure this is a good fit for you.

It features lavender to soothe stressed skin and chamomile extract for hydration. It also helps to eliminate a “powdery” skin finish.

Flourishing Lash & Brow Boosting Serum, £38 here

Ariana knows that we all need to be taking care of our lashes and brows, even if we’re covering them in tints and falsies. This biotin-formulated serum helps promote visibly longer, thicker lashes and brows in as little as four weeks. Ideal.

How many products will you be adding to your cart?

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