Another Royal Is Low-Key Copying Meghan and Harry's ENTIRE Wedding

Another Royal Is Low-Key Copying Meghan and Harry's ENTIRE Wedding

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married on May 19 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, and it was an EVENT.

Like, nothing could ever replicate the vibe and feel of this wedding, right? Right! But apparently they set a trend becuase Princess Eugenie got married there a few months later, and aside from a few changes in the flowers, it was pretty similar–and equally beautiful.

This is to be expected when there are only so many super fancy castle chapels to pick from, but now? Now yet another royal couple is getting married at St George’s Chapel. According to royal reporter Rebecca English, Lady Gabriella Windsor (aka the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent) will tie-the-knot there in Spring 2019—and much like Harry and Meghan, she plans to hold her wedding reception at Frogmore.

Unlike the Sussexes and Princess Eugenie’s nuptials, Lady Gabriella’s wedding will be a small, family occasion. It will be paid for by the bride’s family. Some senior royals expected to attend, but not all.

The name Princess Michael of Kent is probably familiar to you because she’s the infamous royal who wore a racist brooch to The Queen’s Christmas luncheon last year—a gathering where Meghan met many members of Harry’s family for the first time. It’s unclear if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend Lady Gabriella wedding (Meghan’s due to give birth around the same time), but it’ll certainly bring back memories of their own big day if they do.

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