An exhibition dedicated to Wes Anderson just arrived in London

An exhibition dedicated to Wes Anderson just arrived in London

Fancy getting lost in the wonderful world of Wes Anderson? Head down to this beautiful exhibition in London. 

The Wes Anderson aesthetic is a thing of beauty. During the course of his career, film-maker Anderson has created a stylish world of striking colours, quirky trinkets, eccentric fashions and old school architecture. Just think of The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tennenbaums and The Darjeeling Express. And then there’s the pretty artwork for his upcoming production, The French Dispatch, which we already want to frame on our walls.

So, it’s hardly surprising that an Instagram account dedicated to real-life places that possess the Anderson aesthetic – Accidentally Wes Anderson – has over 1.3 million followers. The success of this has resulted in the account being transformed into a beautiful coffee table book, and the launch is being celebrated with an exhibition.

The Accidentally Wes Anderson exhibition, which has already been to New York, has arrived at The Old Bank Vault in Hackney, London. The space contains photos and information about 200 Accidentally Wes Anderson locations worldwide, with a foreword by Anderson himself. A limited number of prints and copies of the book are also available to buy at the pop-up. 

The Old Bank Vault’s description of the story behind the exhibition reads: £Founded in the Summer of 2017 from a small apartment in Brooklyn, New York, Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA) has grown to inspire a global community of more than one million Adventurers.

“The Brooklyn-based husband and wife team of Wally [and] Amanda conceived of the AWA platform as a way to develop a personal travel bucket list. First established on Instagram, their personal project quickly developed into a wide-reaching resource, providing inspiration for travelers & creatives from around the world. 

“With their puppy mascot, Dexter, by their side, the adventurous couple’s mission evolved from curating and researching interesting locations to bringing the Community along on virtual Adventures around the world. Their mission remains the same from the start – provide a daily dose of delight and inspire a sense of adventure and curiosity for all that wish to participate.

“The Old Bank Vault [is] thrilled to bring this to life in London!”

The exhibition is open daily from 10 am and runs until 23 December. No booking is required but be prepared to wait and queue up outside for a while. Social distancing measures and tier two rules will also be in place. Oh and get your phone ready: you’re going to want to document your visit on Instagram.

Find out more information on Accidentally Wes Anderson at The Old Bank Vault or buy the book online. 


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