American living in UK notices difference to US toilets – and Brits are disgusted

American living in UK notices difference to US toilets – and Brits are disgusted
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    British people are freaking out after an American woman pointed out the difference in toilets in the UK and the US.

    Cultural differences between the two English-speaking countries often stir quite a debate – whether it's the classic beans on toast or the milk-tea balance in a cup of tea.

    American woman Jackie Todd, who recently moved to the UK, has jumped on the bandwagon and made a video to show the difference in bathrooms between the two countries.

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    Sharing her perspective to the viewers, she noticed something different in the toilet's water level.

    "The toilets are really different, this is an English toilet and this is an American toilet," she said, attaching a picture of an "American toilet".

    "The water level is a lot lower on an English toilet and instead of a handle to flush, there's a little button on the top.

    "Oh and instead of referring to it as a restroom or a bathroom, it's usually just called the loo or just the toilet."

    One TikToker, Hazel, got baffled by the high water level in the toilet and joked: "At this point, may as well run the bath, get it nice and warm, and s*** in it.

    "Because it is practically the same."

    And she was not alone, other viewers were concerned about the "splash".

    One said: "They must have heavy splashbacks man."

    "The splash back…I would be convulsing in disgust," a second wrote and a third guessed: "That's how they dunk people's heads in the toilet in movies. Oh my God, that makes more sense now."

    "No wonder they have trouble paying water bills, everytime they flush they’re using like 100L of water," a fourth added.

    Hazel joked: "I'll be honest if I was having a bad day and then felt the toilet water caress my cheeks I wouldn't want to go on."


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