All the key astrological dates in July – and what they mean for you

All the key astrological dates in July – and what they mean for you

By now you’ve probably already read your month’s horoscope for July (and if you haven’t, get to it!).

That will have given you a solid overview of the weeks ahead, but there are some key astrological dates that are worth knowing about, too.

These cosmic dates to add to your calendar can make certain days special and full of potential – but you need to know how to use them to your advantage.

When you match up your actions to power days on the calendar you can enjoy a boost of positivity and good fortune to the end results you’re looking for.

July is a hot, summertime month which means we feel more abundant, celebratory, and carefree. Everything is coming to fruition and in blossom, everything is in a growth phase and reaching its full potential.

This month, ride on this natural energy and celebrate, reap, appreciate, and revel in all of your gifts, advantages, lessons, and strengths.

Ready to learn which days to keep an eye out for, and what they mean for you? Read on…

July 5, Mars in Taurus

Resist all urges to be stubborn these next few weeks when you’re angered or triggered and to default to old patterns. Take a moment and pause and consciously try and react differently – even if it’s just a time out.

July 13, Full Moon in Capricorn

Consider your work, money, home, and health – those fundamentals on which all daily life activity is built. What reflections or changes have you experienced in 2022 that you can take a life lesson (and message) from now, with hindsight.

July 17, Venus enters Cancer

Shower your family, friends and loved one(s) with the greatest of affection and make grand gestures which you know will please and surprise them. Tell them your open and honest feelings. Levels of intimacy are about to be intensified and deepened.

July 19, Mercury enters Leo

This is the start of the four-week window to apply for that role, make that speech, create the winning pitch, book the dream trip, buy the business, ask them out, propose.

Go for it all! Whatever you communicate with confidence right now will win them over.

July 21, Jupiter and Saturn form a semi-square

Some recalibration of our work and business goals is due. This is an evolution vs revolution, no need to make sudden or drastic changes, more like adjustments.

It is best to breathe new life into old plans rather than to divert course altogether.

July 22, Leo season begins

Be bold, confident and strive to promote yourself in all the areas of your life that you want more in. Follow your passions.

This is a time to put yourself in the spotlight and shine brightly, showcasing your unique skills and talent.

July 28, New Moon in Leo

A time to activate projects, ideas, roles and enterprises that promote you.

Put yourself in the limelight. Show off. Pamper yourself, get a makeover, be a star for a month.

Apply for your most wildest, biggest and heartfelt dreams, put yourself in the running.

July 28, Jupiter turns retrograde

Slowing down projects or plans may be appropriate in order to look more closely at what you’re doing, and why.

This retrograde lasts until November 23, and it’s a good time for reflection and reassessing goals.

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