Alesha MacPhail’s mum reveals moment she saw through evil killer’s web of lies

Alesha MacPhail’s mum reveals moment she saw through evil killer’s web of lies

Alesha MacPhail's shattered mother has revealed the moment she finally saw through the web of lies spun by the evil teen who raped and killed her daughter.

As Georgina Lochrane locked eyes with Aaron Campbell for the first time in court, she couldn't believe the 16-year-old schoolboy was capable of the brutality inflicted upon her six-year-old daughter, whose tiny naked body was found face down in woodland with 117 injuries.

“I thought it would have been a grown man or someone who Alesha knew," admitted heartbroken Georgina, 24.

“It never crossed my mind it could be a 16-year-old.

"I was his age when I had Alesha. He had his school, his friends, he clearly had a life ahead of him. I just don’t get it."

Campbell was yesterday locked up for at least 27 years for his sickening crimes.

But even as he gave evidence at the High Court last month, his cocktail of deception had Georgina hoodwinked for a short time and she contemplated the idea he may be telling the truth.

“To start with, it was that bizarre it was believable. We all believed it," Georgina told the Daily Record.

The conniving thug tried to frame Toni McLachlan, 18 – the girlfriend of Alesha's father, whom Georgina split with in 2011.

He claimed they had been having an affair and Ms McLachlan was jealous of Alesha's relationship with father Rab so killed the "smiley" little girl.

The cannabis-smoking sicko concocted a far-fetched story for the jury in which he said he and Ms McLachlan had sex on the night Alesha was taken and he accused her of killing the youngster and planting his DNA on her body.

“I wasn’t shocked he tried to blame someone else but I was shocked by who," said Georgina.

"For those charges, I presumed it was going to be a
 male – it would have to be."

Campbell's lawyer accused Ms McLachlan of taking Alesha to the site of an abandoned hotel where the child was murdered and “brutalised” with an “implement”.

He then said she had “planted” the condom with Campbell's semen to implicate him, something she denied.

Georgina continued: “I think Campbell’s story had a lot of people doubting to start with. But when he took the stand, everything completely changed.

“The way he was talking, it was like he was describing exactly what he’d done to Alesha but through Toni.

“He said she must have thought about it and really planned it."

But then his mask slipped and Georgina says his lack of emotion was the biggest tell-tale sign he was guilty.

She said: "There was no emotion from him. That’s when I thought, ‘No, it’s you’.”

"I came to believe she was innocent after a few days. I had seen Toni and Alesha together. Alesha really liked her. 

“Toni was one of the only girls Rab had introduced to Alesha that I liked. I remembered how good Toni was with her. That’s when I realised, ‘No, it’s a sin.’ It’s
 just not what Alesha would have wanted."

Georgina has also told of how Campbell turned to her and smiled when he was found guilty of raping and murdering her girl.

"When the verdict was read out and he was walking down the stairs, he smiled at us, at our full family," she said.

"If he is 16 and has committed a crime which the pathologist said is the worst he has ever seen, imagine what he can do in 20 years’ time.

"He’s in a cell and has time to plot. He has clearly thought it out.

"That does not deserve to ever be released back into society. That thing is an animal."

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