Alesha MacPhail’s mum ‘looks forward to the day her daughter’s killer is dead’

Alesha MacPhail’s mum ‘looks forward to the day her daughter’s killer is dead’

Alesha MacPhail's devastated mother has revealed she looks forward to the day her little girl's twisted killer is dead. 

Georgina Lochrane says Aaron Campbell is 'worse than the devil' for what he did to her six-year-old daughter. 

Campbell, 16, finally confessed to the abduction, rape and murder of Alesha MacPhail, 6, on the Isle of Bute, Scotland, and was jailed for a minimum of 27 years yesterday.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Record Georgina says she will fight to keep him behind bars for his whole life.

“Even the devil itself would be disgusted in what that thing has done," the 24-year-old said.  “We are dealing with the worst of the worst.

“What I look forward to now is the day I wake up and it’s all over the news that he’s dead and I hope he suffers more than Alesha did.”

The mum, from Airdrie, said she was “sickened” to hear details of Campbell’s confessions yesterday and slammed the killer’s minimum term, saying she will fight for changes to the justice system to protect other youngsters from suffering.

Georgina, also mum to Courtney, four, said: “I think his plan has been to inflict maximum pain.

“He’s obviously got something in him that likes that.

“I did not expect him to admit it. I thought he was never going to admit his guilt.

“My initial plan was to go and see him and ask him why but he basically answered that today. Or he thinks he’s answered it. But I’m not stupid and see things in black and white and I don’t think that’s the end of it. This is all part of his wee game. It’s all a game to him.

“He has plotted this for 12 months. Think what he can do in 27 years.

“As soon as he walks out the gates, he will strike again and I don’t want another child to suffer.

“This is when our justice system needs to have a look at itself and give itself a shake.

“I don’t want any child ever to go through what Alesha went through at the hands of another predator.”

The High Court in Glasgow heard Campbell had initially gone to Alesha’s grandparents’ flat armed with a knife in a bid to rob her dad Rab of cannabis.

But when he found the door unlocked, he disposed of the knife and returned unarmed.

Campbell revealed he wanted to kill Alesha after creeping into her room and seeing her lying in her bed.

Georgina said: “That sickened me. I could tell not even looking at his face in court that he was loving every minute of what that judge was reading.

“You could feel it in the room and tell what type of person that thing is. You can’t get worse than that.”

Georgina previously told how she hoped and believed her daughter was unconscious when Campbell carried her from her bed on July 2 last year.

Yesterday, the mum heard heart-wrenching detail from Campbell’s confessions, during which he told prison staff Alesha had started to wake up as he carried her out of the flat.

Georgina said: “That was rubbing salt into the wound and that’s what really, really riled me up. I always thought it was a robbery gone wrong when we found out Robert had been dealing.

“When you are living it, you see everything and hear everything no one else picks up on.

“What I still don’t understand is that he’s now saying he has been in that house twice and he still hasn’t been detected.

“Maybe he was quiet and no one heard him but, forensically, there is no proof of him being there. That still doesn’t make sense.”

Incensed with rage at what she heard in court, Georgina lunged at Campbell as he turned to face her after sentence, branding him a “f*****g disgusting vile rat”.

Georgina said: “If I didn’t have Courtney, I wouldn’t have just shouted at him. My first plan was to jump over the seats but it was the man in front of me that stopped me.

"I can’t remember what I said in court. The words just came out but if I saw him now face to face, I’d say, ‘You’ve taken the wrong wee girl from the wrong family and you’re about to find that out’.

“He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as my family. I never imagined I would ever be in any situation like this. Someone has killed my baby.

“It rubs salt into our wounds the fact he is still alive and she isn’t. It shouldn’t be like that.”

Georgina vowed to fight every bid Campbell makes to be released in the future for her daughter.

She said: “I think he initially thought he could get away with it. And he almost did but his mum ruined that for him.

“That in itself makes me happy, that he needs to live with the fact that his own mum shopped him.

“If this was America, he would be facing the death penalty regardless of his age.

“A life sentence should be a life sentence. He should have no human rights and doesn’t deserve anything because he is inhuman.

“I will do whatever I can to make the parole board see that that can’t be released back into society.

“If that thing does get released into society, I would quite happily spend the rest of my life behind bars for him but the only thing stopping me is Courtney.

“I’ll fight until he is dead. He is wasting tax payers’ money.

“There’s people on the streets that need homes for their children and then there’s that. Don’t give him anything. Stick him in the yard and leave him. Leave his cell door open as well. I don’t think he’ll last long in prison.”

The mum said she believes the only deterrent for killers like Campbell is for them to see tougher sentences being handed out in court.

She said: “Now is the time to get a grip of it. Children are not even safe at home in their beds. Predators are getting younger.

“What is it going to take for them to realise that they need to start knuckling down? Stop giving out sentences of 27 years for child murderers and rapists. You are not making an example of them. You are giving them free rein to plot again.”

Georgina said yesterday’s sentence was by far the worst day she has endured since Campbell went on trial but she felt her daughter’s spirit with her.

She said: “When I walked in, I was a shaking mess. The worst I have been.

“The pain I felt that morning I lost her came back. It was like that day all over again.

“But I feel like Alesha is with me all the time. Today more than ever.”

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