Alesha MacPhail killer’s full depravity revealed in twisted account of abduction

Alesha MacPhail killer’s full depravity revealed in twisted account of abduction

The teenage boy who "brutally" raped and murdered Alesha MacPhail has revealed his twisted account of what happened on the night she died.

Aaron Campbell's full depravity was laid bare as he finally confessed to his "wicked" crimes.

The killer revealed he had fantasised about rape and his mind turned to murder when he decided to abduct sleeping Alesha.

The girl's mother Georgina Lochrane had told of her torment at not knowing exactly what had happened to her six-year-old girl as Campbell had always denied the crime.

Georgina even wants to visit him in prison so she can ask him questions about that terrible night.

Today he was sentenced to a minimum of 27 years in prison with the judge, Lord Matthews, describing him as a "cold, callous, calculating, remorseless and dangerous individual".

Lord Matthews said that according to the social work and psychologist reports, Campbell had been at a party drinking on the night of the murder.

He told the packed court room about how Campbell said broke into Alesha's grandparents' home looking for cannabis armed with a knife.

Realising the door was open and seeing Alesha in her bed, he went outside and disposed of the knife before returning to her room and abducting her.

Campbell said he took Alesha because it was a "moment of opportunity" and had spent a year fantasising about doing something "excessive, including rape".

The judge said: "Doctor McPherson noted that you presented your account in a matter-of-fact manner, notably for the absence of any emotions.

"He recorded that you told him in the 12 months prior to the murder you entertained thoughts of doing something excessive, including rape.

"Your account in brief was that you had been drinking but wanted cannabis and decided to break into the house to get some.

"You took a kitchen knife because you wanted to protect yourself, but having gained entry you left the house and disposed of it.

"You returned to the house and entered Alesha’s bedroom."

Lord Matthew continued: "When you saw Alesha your reaction was 'a moment of opportunity'. You said 'all I thought about was killing her when I saw her'.

"You said that Alesha was drowsy and became a bit more awake when you went out. At one point she asked who you were and where you were going.

"You said you were a friend of her father and that you were taking her home."

Campbell then gave Alesha his top because she was cold before taking her to a secluded spot where he murdered her.

He then threw his blood-stained clothing into the sea, had a shower and then went back to where he left her body to retrieve his phone.

The twisted teen also told Dr McPherson that over the next few days he was "mildly amused" that police had not arrested him.

Campbell told social workers he had to “zip his mouth shut” during the trial to stop from laughing, and said he was “satisfied” with murder, describing it as “a moment of opportunity”.

Lord Matthews described Campbell as “callous, cold and dangerous”.

He told him:" You violated and murdered her in the most brutal fashion.

“It’s difficult to imagine the distress that her family have gone through.”

He acknowledged the effect it had on the small island community of Bute and said the effect on the people who witnessed Alesha’s body in the woods “were long lasting”.

The judge said: “I’ve never seen a police officer almost break down in the witness box while giving evidence.”

He said Campbell’s “arrogance” and “callousness” was “breathtaking” when he videoed himself in a mirror at his home and claimed to have found the killer.

Lord Matthews added: “It’s symptomatic of your staggering lack of remorse.”

He said Alesha’s family would have enjoyed every day of their three-week holiday together, and her mother would have been looking forward to seeing her smiling face.

CCTV footage from Campbell's mother's own security system provided evidence which helped detectives catch the killer.

His mother had contacted police herself, hoping the footage would eliminate her son from the investigation.

Campbell was captured coming and going from his home several times in the early hours of July 2, removing items of clothing and retrieving a torch.

Before the sentence was handed down, Toni-Louise McLachlan left the courtroom in tears.

As Campbell left the courtroom in handcuffs he showed no sign of emotion or remorse.

He was jeered with shouts of “beast” and “evil” from the public gallery and Alesha’s mother Georgina Lochrane shouted “f***ing evil, vile rat”.

Campbell is being detained at Polmont Young Offenders Institution near Falkirk, and will be on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.

He will be transferred to an adult prison when he turns 21.

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