Age-defying gran, 72, goes on wild knicker-flashing holiday with daughter

Age-defying gran, 72, goes on wild knicker-flashing holiday with daughter

Going on your holiday with your parents might sound like hell for some, but not for Tess Giddings.

The mum-of-seven decided to leave her tots at home and take her own parent on holiday.

Packed and ready to go, Tess and her 72-year-old mum boarded the flight to whizz off to seek the sun.

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Often, she would be trolled and branded “boring” for taking her parent away with her.

But lounging around the pool and staying in for bingo nights were not on the cards for the pair.

Despite her age, the pensioner certainly has not lost her fun and youthful side.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up thousands of views, Tess documented her rather wild holiday with her mum.

“Why would you go on holiday with your 72-year-old mum, how boring”, she was told by one troll.

However, Tess’ mum is certainly not boring.

The pair jumped up and down on their hotel bed before they headed out for the evening.

Cheekily, the 72-year-old purposefully pulled up her dress to flash her knickers and behind to her daughter.

Whizzing around the area, the mother and daughter jumped on an electric scooter each to get a taste of the fast life.

As Tess lounged by the pool, the mum hilariously danced by herself on the balcony.

And she even bagged a cuddle from a lad on a wild night out before showing her moves on the dance floor.

“This ladies and gentlemen… is my mother! 72-years-old, living her best life! Living proof you’re truly only as old as you feel”, Tess lovingly captioned the post.

One person commented: “Your mam is gorgeous!”

Another user added: “Omgggg she is life!!!! What a woman!”

While a third praised: “Your mother is such a vibe!! Such a beautiful relationship.”

Someone else noted: “Good on her looks like she had a blast.”

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: “Firstly, I refuse to believe she's 72. Secondly, I wanna be her mate.”


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