Adult performer Ginger Lynn recounts how she was raped by Ron Jeremy

Adult performer Ginger Lynn recounts how she was raped by Ron Jeremy

The women breaking their silence about Ron Jeremy: Performer Ginger Lynn claims she was raped by actor on her 21st birthday and forced to film with him the NEXT DAY – while British Lianne Young was ‘attacked in a packed nightclub’

  •  Channel 4’s Porn King: The Rise & Fall of Ron Jeremy is set to air tonight at 10pm
  •  Former performer, 69, awaiting trial on 30 counts of sexual assault in LA
  • US adult performer Ginger Lynn claims she was raped by Ron Jeremy in 1983
  • Claimed on Channel 4 docu-series was forced to film sex scene with him after
  • Meanwhile British Lianne Young said she was ‘raped in a packed nightclub’ 
  • Others female performers claim they witnessed Ron’s inappropriate behavior

A number of adult performers have  recounted how they were allegedly raped by porn star Ron Jeremy in the 1980s. 

Jeremy, 69, was charged with four counts of rape and sexual assault in August 2020, and another 20 counts of either rape of sexual assault over a span of 16 years, from 2004 to 2020, that involved 12 women and 15-year-old girl. 

Upon further investigation, in 2020, he was indicted on 30 sexual assault counts involving 21 victim and currently is still awaiting trial. 

His trial was suspended in March after he failed to recognize his lawyer and appeared to suffer a breakdown.

In the new documentary series Porn King: The Rise & Fall of Ron Jeremy, which starts tonight at 10pm, a number of different women speak out about the attacks

And speaking to The Sun , Lianne Young revealed she was raped by Jeremy in a crowded nightclub as she partied with friends in 2000 

In the new documentary series Porn King: The Rise & Fall of Ron Jeremy, which starts tonight at 10pm, a number of different women speak out about the attacks.  

Ginger Lyn, who has now retired from the adult business, claimed Jeremy raped her on her 21st birthday before she was forced to film with him days later.

And speaking to The Sun, Lianne Young revealed she was raped by Jeremy in a crowded nightclub as she partied with friends in 2000.

She said: ‘There was a joke in porn, there are three things you shouldn’t do – animals, underage, and Ron Jeremy. ‘

Here FEMAIL reveals those brave women speaking out about the alleged sex offender… 


Ginger Lynn, who has now retired from the adult business, claimed Jeremy raped her on her 21st birthday before she was forced to film with him days later

Ginger Lynn claimed she was contractually obliged to film a scene with her rapist a day after he forced himself on her while they were shooting an adult film in Hawaii in 1983. 

She said: ‘I didn’t want to f*** Ron. To me, he was old, and he was hairy, and smelly and he thought he was funny.

Ron Jeremy: The porn star who went mainstream before sex charges tanked his career

Prosecutors allege Jeremy – born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt – restrained some of the women and raped or sodomized them – and had sex with others who were sleeping or unconscious

Ron Jeremy, also known by his nickname ‘The Hedgehog,’ was born to a middle-class Jewish family in Queens, New York in 1953, according to his memoir Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz.

He graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo High School where he performed in theatrical productions including the musical Oklahoma, according to Village Voice.

According to his IMDB biography, Jeremy earned a masters degree from Queens College and became a special education teacher in the New York City area. 

He eventually left teaching to pursue becoming an actor on Broadway, and in 1978 had first brush with pornography when a girlfriend sent his photo to Playgirl magazine for appearance in its ‘Boy Next Door’ pages.

Jeremy has since been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for ‘Most Appearances in Adult Films’ and won several adult film acting awards.

He has been listed as having 2,542 performance credits in the Internet Adult Film Database. He has directed an additional 296 adult films.

Jeremy, who was active as a porn star from 1979 until 2018, has also acted in a number of mainstream films and television series, including appearances in Ghostbusters and The Boondock Saints.

He has also competed on Wheel of Fortune and appeared in a segment of The Chappelle Show, and numerous music videos for artists including Kid Rock, Moby, Guns & Roses and Sublime.

Jeremy has also had several business endeavors including opening a swingers nightclub in Portland, Oregon which closed in 2015. 

She recalled how she ended up working on an adult movie with Ron and her boyfriend Jerry at the time, who was also an adult performer who was romancing her off-screen. 

She added she knew Ron socially, but that they ‘weren’t friends by any means.’ 

She recalled how she and Jerry were being intimate on the morning of her 21st birthday, and were briefly interrupted by Ron, who asked if he could join them

After the couple refused, they went on to have sex, and Ginger went to the bathroom to take a shower. 

She said: ‘I’m going back to my room and went upstairs and I went into the bathroom, and I walked to the sink, and I felt somebody come up behind me and it was Ronnie and he had hidden behind the door.

‘He grabbed my hand and he held me down on the side of the sink and pulled down my bathing suit and just started f****** me, just like f****** me, raping me.

‘I’m screaming “No!”, I’m kicking and I’m telling him to get off of me,’ she added. 

‘And the more I’m screaming, the more that he f**** me, the harder that he f**** me and the more he’s into it,’ she added. 

‘He’s pulling my hair, he’s slapping my a**, 

‘I don’t think he said anything, except, “Shut up” and covered my mouth and held me down. 

‘He just stood there and I cried and at a certain point you just let it happen, you just resign to the fact that you’re being raped.

The former actress added she had no memory of the aftermath of the alleged rape.  

‘I just remembered crying and looking at myself in the mirror. 

‘It was my 21st birthday,’ she said.

‘I wish I would have bit and screamed louder and punched, but I was scared and I was young and didn’t know any better.’ 

She also said she thought she was to blame for her own rape.  

‘I thought…not that I deserved it, but that I had put myself in porn movie. I’m there to f***, so how can I possibly be raped?’

She added she kept the alleged rape secret from her loved ones, saying: ‘I didn’t tell my best friend, I didn’t tell anybody.’

However, the situation got worse when, the day after the alleged assault, Ginger was asked to film a scene with Ron Jeremy, in spite of the actor being on her ‘no list.’ 

She said: ‘The days in Hawaii were extremely long, but I was contractually obligated to do one more sex scene with a guy. 

‘The only man on the island is Ron Jeremy.’ 

‘So I had sex with Ron the day after he raped me on camera,’ she claimed. 

She added that she slapped the actor before they shot their scene, but that it was edited out. 

Ginger Lynn, who has now retired from the adult business, claimed Jeremy raped her on her 21st birthday in 1983

The actor in January 1988, at the height of his porn career. Performer Christy Canon said Ron was always looking for women to have sex with 

‘As far I know, I was the first woman in the industry to be raped by Ron Jeremy,’ she said. 

‘I wished I’d gone to the police so that other women wouldn’t have been damaged and abused by him.

‘Back in the 1980s, rape wasn’t something that… No, everybody was there to f***, why would anybody rape anybody…it wasn’t something that was really talked about.’

Ginger claimed she eventually confronted Ron in a meeting that was set up by a director, where her alleged rapist brought her flowers. 

She said: ‘I talked through what happened and Ron sits there and he thinks about it for a second and says, “That’s what happened but I thought you wanted it.

‘”I thought you wanted me”, and he believed it. 

‘Another time, Ron sat down at the piano and he played me a song and he wasn’t trying to be big, to impress anybody, he just played the song and it was beautiful and the only honest moment that I’ve ever seen in such an ugly person,’ she said. 

Ginger said she ‘shoved the rape down’ for years, before eventually talking about it in a interview, saying: ‘I did an interview in a magazine where I talked about the rape and I had the worse backlash ever from people in the industry, people calling me a liar, people saying, “You’re just trying to get famous”,

‘Yes that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna get raped to get famous,’ she said, rolling her eyes. 

‘There was no carrying, no compassion, no understanding. It was a game to people.

‘It was horrible, I was defending myself for being raped,’ she said. 

Christy Canyon, an adult performer who knew Ron in the 1980s and who close with Ginger, said she didn’t know how the rape affected her friend  

Christy Canyon, an adult performer who knew Ron in the 1980s and who was a friend of Ginger, told the docu-series: ‘I don’t know how the rape affected Ginger, I met her a year after it happened.

‘I saw no signs of it, she never let on. I never thought one second in the 80s that Ron was a predator. Pervert? yes. Predator, no?,’ she said. 

‘Why did I think Ron was a pervert? Cause he was. I was talking to my fellow porn stars and they all had my thought.’ 

But she added that ‘with the exception of Ginger Lynn, we were never accosted, never raped, never pushed to our limit.

‘He’s a pervert, but rape? It was so out of character. And yet, I’ve never known Ginger Lynn to be a liar.’      


Former British porn star Lianne Young claimed that Jeremy raped her in front of witnesses at a charity event 

Former British porn star Lianne Young, who is now a counsellor, claimed she was raped by Jeremy at a charity event. 

She claimed she was talking with people when she was abruptly assaulted.  

‘It happened from behind. I remember being pushed over the table, dropping my drink, a penis being pushed inside of me,’ she said. 


Christy Canyon, a performer who worked with Ron in the 1980s, said he never forced himself on her. However, she did say she believes he is a ‘pervert’ and that something ‘snapped’ in him

Of her own relationship with Jeremy, Christy Canyon said: ‘Ron represented an innocence in my life. 

‘Yes, we’re having sex on film, but there wasn’t anything tawdry about it, and I was lucky enough that he never oversteps his bounds with me,’ she said

‘He would always try and f*** girls, but I never knew him in 1980s or the 1990s to force himself on somebody.

‘Was he pushy? Absolutely, he was a really pushy guy, but I think Ron did become a caricature of who he was in the 21970s and 1980s and 1990s,’ Christy added. 

‘Maybe just decades of people adoring him and worshipping him, maybe it gave him this sense of entitlement and god-like complex,’ she said. 


‘I managed to turn to the right of the side to get myself back up and that was Ron behind me,’ she said. 

‘I smacked him across the face and I said, “What the f*** do you think you’re doing? Get your f****** hands off me.

‘The man has just raped me, and he doesn’t give a s***,’ she added. ‘It was four, five seconds, but that was a bloody long four, five seconds.’ 

Lianne said the people she was with downplayed what happened to her. 

She explained: ‘The people I told where like, “That’s Ron, he does that, he thinks he’s got a free for all, a golden pass in porn.”

‘”You can’t report it, you’re a sex worker, you just got to move on. Do you want another drink?”

‘I cannot remember anybody going “I’m sorry, I’m sorry this happened to you”,’ she said. 

Fellow actress Alana was among the people who witnessed the interaction between Lianne and Ron. 

She recalled: ‘I saw what Ron did to Lianne, the force of him coming behind her, we’re all quite shocked at what just happened. 

‘But again, Ron is a bit of pig, and Ron does stuff like this.

‘Nobody said, “Oh that’s rape”, because we’re so desensitized to the sexualness of our existence. 

‘The biggest thing that hindered the police to do anything about the cases is because none of us went to the police,’ she added. 

‘Because in our mind, they’d laugh at us,’ she said. 

Meanwhile she said she was convinced by others that the police were ‘in Ron’s pockets’ and people ‘worshipped’ the porn star ‘like a God.’ 

Lianne said people in the public only saw one side of Ron. 

She said: ‘You’ve only been sold one side of Ron. Ron is not going to show you his true colors.

‘People hide behind characters, and the fact is, predators are so good at hiding, and Ron is one of them.

‘The man’s rapist,’ she claimed, adding she doesn’t think Ron remembers doing anything to her.  

‘I don’t think Ron remembers half of what he’s done. 

‘And I know that I’m not the only one,’ she said. 


Adult performer Alana Evans claimed she was assaulted by Ron Jeremy in 2008. However, she said she was meant to feel like it was normal

Alana Evans, who knew Ron Jeremy well after filming her first ever porn scene with him, said: ‘I’ve been asked this question, “How to do you rape a porn star?” It’s something that so many people say, but we are victimized. 

‘It’s like assuming that we’re always supposed to be that fantasy that you have, that you yourself have created of us,’ she added. 


Porn director Seymore Butts said Jeremy should have known the difference between groping and assault 

Porn producer Seymore Butts confirmed he knew Jeremy had a tendency to grope people, however, he said it went unnoticed because groping is commonplace in the porn industry.   

‘If I get to bet on whether Ron Jeremy is going to grope anybody tonight, I’d bet yes,’ he said. 

‘In that room where he is groping, there is a lot of other groping going on,’ he added. 

‘Girls groping girls, guys groping girls, girls groping guys… The lines are so blurred within this industry,’ he said. 

However, he said the line was clear between groping and sexual assault. 

‘No way Ron didn’t know the difference. Fingers up the p****, c*** in a****, vaginas, no blurred lines there, it’s wrong,’ he added. 

‘Those lines are so confusing for people but the reality is, you rape a porn star the same way you would rape anyone else: when you violate our consent.’

She also recounted how she witnessed Jeremy getting dangerously close to assaulting another young performer in 2007. 

She said the incident took place as she was taking a break from working on a sex parody of the 1980s classic, the Brady Bunch. 

The disgraced porn star was sitting next to the unnamed girl, who was sleeping.  

‘And I look up, and there’s Ron, and he reaching over, picking up her dress and trying to get a look under it, as if he is going to help himself,’ Alana recounted. 

‘He lifts it up, he looks over and he looks like he’s going to do a bit more.  I got up and I go right over and I shook her awake. I told her, “hey honey, let’s go inside”. 

However, the unnamed performer shrugged off Jeremy’s actions as nothing out of the ordinary.  

‘I told her what happened and she shoved it off as something we usually do,’ Alana recounted. 

‘It infuriated me at this point, you’re starting to see, he is being an absolute creep,’ she added. 

In spite of witnessing this incident, Alana remained friends with Jeremy. 

She explained: ‘Everyone wanted to be Ron’s friend, because he could definitely open doors and not only opening doors he’s walking you right in front of the lawn. ‘

Alana went on to explain Jeremy touched her inappropriately at an event they attended together in 2008. 

‘Out of nowhere, I feel this hand go right up the back of my dress. Right into my vagina, ’cause I’m not wearing underwear,’ she claimed.

‘I scream, I turned to my right, there’s Ron, and instantly I am angry but I’m so grossed out. 

‘Because, you know, my vagina is very special to me and this is my working tool and my way for porn,’ she explained. 


‘And I’m embarrassed, Ron just did it because he was so used to just doing it.

In spite of the incident, Alana did not flag the issue to other people.  

‘My reaction was pure anger. I knew what he did was wrong to me and I knew I wasn’t okay with it. But was I going to make a big fuss with it? No,’ she said. 

‘The night just continued and we all absolutely knew that he was a groper and that he would touch women and that he would do things that would make people uncomfortable,’ she added. 

‘He found comfort in his behaviour because nobody stopped him.’

‘I was so conditioned to think that something like that was normal ,so I remained friend with him,’ she said. 


In the docu-series, his friend Kianna Bradley, also an adult film star said she is friends with Ron and doesn’t believe the allegations made against him


Porn producer Cousin Stevie said he never saw a woman saying she had been sexually assaulted by Jeremy 

However, a producer going by the name of Cousin Stevie talked in the defense of Ron Jeremy. 

‘If a girl didn’t like Ron Jeremy, it was very simple, get the f*** away from him,’ he said. ‘I saw tons of porn girls do that.

‘Did I ever saw him assault anybody? No.

‘Did I ever see anybody say “hey, he assaulted me”? No.

‘Did I ever see anybody slap him in the face? 

No, I was with him in so many times in this situation,’ he said.   

Kianna Bradley, a performer and friends of Jeremy, admitted the actor had shown his penis to her, but took it as a joke. 

‘He showed his d*** to me so many times. I was like “Ron, if you don’t put it back in your pants, I will pull it off and shoved it down your throat”,’ she recounted. 

‘Cause he’s funny, that’s who he was, he was funny. If you’d have told him that you were not okay with that, he would have understood,’ she added. 

‘I love Ron Jeremy, I do. He’s been a very dear friend of mine. 

‘Ron’s a good guy, he’s not one of the s***** ones, there are a lot of them in our industry,’ she said tearfully. 

She added that she believes Jeremy was not an isolated case, and that his behaviour was just symptomatic of the porn industry. 

‘Those are the things we paid him to do, we praised him to do. We awarded him.

‘So many people were saying that they’re not going to be around anyone that support this kind of behaviour, but you supported it, for years,’ she said. 

‘I think he was made an example of within our industry ,but what people are forgetting is that they are not the sex industry, that’s who we are,’ she said. 

‘We fondle fans, we climb on top of them, we put our tongues in their throats, that’s who we are, we all did it, it wasn’t just Ron,’ she added. 

‘Ron’s not aggressive, he would not want to hurt someone’s feelings but he wouldn’t not have wanted to hurt any of us, he wasn’t take kind of person,’ she went on. 

‘I do not believe he’s capable of rape whatsoever. I believe they targeted him.’   


Part II of Porn King: The Rise & Fall of Ron Jeremy airs tomorrow at 9pm on Channel 4. 

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