Adult film star brands herself ‘the ultimate bimbo’

Adult film star brands herself ‘the ultimate bimbo’

Woman, 29, who’s spent £15k on plastic surgery to transform into the ‘ultimate bimbo’ is slammed by This Morning viewers who brand her an ‘Abba reject’

  • Alicia Amira, 29, works as a porn star, and has spent £15,000 on plastic surgery
  • Said women should be able to be ‘hyper feminine’ and still considered intelligent
  • Presenter Holly Willoughby compared it to the focus on Theresa May’s heels  
  • But shocked This Morning viewers were distracted by her extreme look
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A woman who calls herself ‘the ultimate bimbo’ has been slammed by This Morning viewers, who say her bold look gets in the way of her message of ’empowerment’. 

Alicia Amira, 29, who moved from London to Stockholm, Sweden, works in the porn industry and has spent £15,000 on plastic surgery. 

She joined Holly and Phil on the This Morning sofa to discuss her efforts to empower women, and says that she has a hyper feminine look to prove that girls can look girly and still be intelligent.

But viewers were unconvinced by her message, saying they were distracted by her bold look.

Alicia Amira, 29, argued that women who are hyper feminine should still be considered intelligent 

One wrote on Twitter: ‘You don’t look hyper feminine dear. You look like a drag queen wearing fake comedy boobs.’

Alicia, who has spent over £15,000 on plastic surgery, preaches how great it is to be a ‘bimbo’ and is attempting to reclaim the term.

She said she has always loved the look of ‘bimbos’ but insists that she loved herself before her many surgeries. 

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Phil, who seemed confused by the term ‘bimbo’, questioned whether you can look like a bimbo and be bright at the same time. 

But Alicia clarified, telling the This Morning presenters that she finds being a ‘bimbo’ empowering: ‘The word is Italian, where it means baby.’

Viewers were distracted by Alicia’s bold look, with some saying that her appearance was distracting from the important argument she was making 

Phil and Holly questioned Alicia on her extreme look, which she argues shouldn’t detract from whether she is considered intelligent

She went on: ‘My aim is to show people, you don’t have to be stupid to be a bimbo.

‘For a long time I didn’t look like this, I didn’t embrace my feminine side as much, as I didn’t think I would be interpreted as smart if I did.’    

Holly appeared to agree, and questioned whether women should not embrace their feminine side if they want to be taken seriously.

Swedish Alicia went on: ‘In a lot of cases, yes. We had a prime minister back in the day, who carried fabulous handbags, and people were always commenting on her looks.’

Alicia says she wants to empower women with her message about ‘bimboism’ but viewers were distracted by her look 

Holly appeared to agree with Alicia’s message, comparing her comments to focus on Theresa May’s kitten heels

Holly jumped in, referencing the focus on Theresa May’s kitten heels early on in the prime minister’s time. 

Alicia agreed, arguing: ‘If you look hyper masculine, it’s not a negative thing. But if you look hyper feminine, it’s considered a negative thing. I just don’t think thats fair.’

‘I just want to encourage women be confident enough to embrace their own sexuality.’ 

But viewers were stunned by the porn star’s appearance, with many slamming her look. 

‘You can be a bimbo without spending 15 grand, believe me, I have met a few in the 80s,’ one wrote.

Another commented:’She looks like an Abba reject’, while others simply wrote:’No, just no!’

Viewers were critical of Alicia’s appearance, and slammed the adult film star for her extreme plastic surgery look 

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