A Look At Kim Kardashian’s Splendid Real Estate Portfolio

A Look At Kim Kardashian’s Splendid Real Estate Portfolio

Kim Kardashian is a businesswoman, model, media personality, and the flag bearer of the infamous Kardashian family. She is one of the most known faces in the US, mostly known for her appearance in the long-running TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim upped the ante by marrying rapper and singer Kanye West in 2014. The couple had a combined net worth exceeding $1.5 Billion and owned several properties throughout the USA. Kim and Kanye were among the most famous celebrity couples in the world until they divorced in 2022.

Kim and Kanye’s divorce involved the settlement and split of several high-profile properties owned by the couple. The divorce settlements further boosted the property portfolio of Kim Kardashian. Here is a list showing Kim Kardashian’s growing property portfolio since her divorce.

8 Hidden Hills Mega-Mansion

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought this massive property in 2014 for a staggering $20 Million and spent another $20 Million for extensive renovations. The couple hired Belgian architect Axel Vervoodt and renovated the house in the style of a minimalistic monastery. The property is spread across 3 acres with exquisite vineyards and pretty lawns. Simplistic white, cream, and gray hues can be seen throughout the property, along with wooden accents. Kim Kardashian bought this house from Kanye for approximately $23 Million after their divorce and stayed here with her four children, as per Hello!. The property is currently valued at a massive $70 Million.

7 Idaho Mansion

This is one of the least-known properties owned by Kim Kardashian. Kim and Kanye reportedly acquired this property for around $2 Million in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The property has four bedrooms and bathrooms and is right beside a lake, making it a perfect holiday getaway. Kim and Kanye and their children were often seen boating, hiking, and doing several adventure activities on this property. As per Cosmopolitan, Kim Kardashian kept the ownership of this property post her divorce settlement with West. The property is currently valued at almost $4 Million.

6 Calabasas Condo

Kim Kardashian acquired this 2260 square feet cozy condo in 2017 for approximately $1.6 Million. Like her other properties, this property was also subjected to a series of makeovers by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen. The condo has three bathrooms and four bedrooms, boasting monastery-like aesthetics and neutral color tones. Despite being a decent little space, Kim Kardashian uses this place as an office space as per AD and has been trying to sell it off since 2019 and has listed it for sale again for $3.5 Million in 2022.

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5 Neighboring Hidden Hills Ranch

Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West acquired a Ranch in the neighborhood of their Hidden Hills Mega Mansion in the fall of 2019. The home is decked up with wooden ceilings and a massive living room sprawling across 3,874 square feet. The home consists of four bedrooms as well as bathrooms and a 4-car garage. For amenities, the house is equipped with a beautiful backyard and a swimming pool with a patio and a barbeque terrace, as reported by Love Property. Kim Kardashian acquired the rights to this property post her high-profile divorce, and she listed the property for sale in 2022 for $5.3 Million, as reports suggest.

4 Hidden Hills Buffer House

Kim Kardashian’s spree to expand her territory throughout Hidden Hills made her buy yet another property for $6.3 million just next door to her Hidden Hills mega-mansion. This house is situated just between her mega-mansion and Kanye’s recent buy across the street. Kim wanted this house at any cost and paid an extra $800,000 to ensure her ownership. The house is made up of four bedrooms and has outdated interiors as well as furniture. Kim supposedly bought this house for the 1 acre of land that comes with it and will probably break it down to construct something that suits her better.

3 Malibu Beach House

Kim Kardashian’s most extravagant buy to date, The Malibu Beach House, is the most exquisite addition to this list. Formerly owned by Cindy Crawford, this 3.18-acre property was initially listed for $99.5 Million. However, Kim Kardashian bagged the deal for a lot lesser but still a massive $70.4 Million making it the most expensive buy in Malibu and 4th most expensive in California in 2022. The house perfectly reciprocates its $70 Million price tag boasting a living space of 7450 square feet, a mesmerizing sea view, a swimming pool, gym, fire pit, and media room, among other amenities.

2 Kim’s Upcoming Project In Palm Springs

Kim Kardashian has reportedly hired Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando to design her residence in Palm Springs, California. Kim previously collaborated with Tadao Ando to remodel her Malibu Beach house and made him helm the reins of her next venture. She has described that the property would be developed in a design similar to her Hidden Hills mansion and would be concrete, gray-toned, and zen.

1 Kim’s Secret Lakeside Project

Alongside the Palm Springs House, Kim Kardashian plans to build another pad in an undisclosed lake-view location. For this venture, she has hired another Japanese star architect Kengo Kuma. This new pad will be constructed primarily with glass and wood, reminiscent of Kengo’s previous works. The lakeside view makes this place perfect for the Japanese maestro as he prioritizes natural elements in his designs. Kim plans to visit this place every year on the 4th of July.

Kim Kardashian has a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, which is evident from her numerous properties. Despite her divorce, Kim was able to keep several of her properties to her name and quite cleverly utilized her $1.4 Billion net worth to buy and build properties throughout the country with a special focus on the Hidden Hills.

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