9 Moments We Loved From Ashanti Verzuz Keyshia Cole

9 Moments We Loved From Ashanti Verzuz Keyshia Cole

After being shut down twice (first by COVID-19 and later by a bizarre insurrection that dominated the news cycle) the Ashanti and Keyshia Cole Verzuz finally took place on Jan. 21. The queens of the early aughts linked up in separate locations to bring bops that brought us back to Jansport backpacks and Jersey dresses.

Black Twitter boiled with impatience at 8:00pm waiting for the duo to show up for the culture and when they finally arrived they gave us plenty to savor from behind the schemes stories to vocal riffs. 

They brought us back to the heartbreaks we had when custom ringtones were the loudest declaration of love we could send, and bills were something other people worried about as they bopped in their thrones to each other’s hit and shared stories about their time at the top of the Billboard charts.

Look back on some of our favorite moments from Ashanti Verzuz Keyshia Cole below.

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