6 Best Soda Streams 2021 | The Sun UK

6 Best Soda Streams 2021 | The Sun UK

SODA MAKING machines, which can also give you fizzy water at the push of a button, are having a major moment right now.

Not only are the best soda streams great for giving you fantastic cocktails and pub-worthy alcohol-free fizzy drinks, they're also the sustainable choice for anyone looking to reduce waste.

The Soda Stream is a go-to for its value-for-money Spirit machine: it looks smart, makes tasty sparkling water and includes a CO2 cylinder and bottle – all for under £100. The more expensive Crystal is another favourite for those looking to ditch plastic completely – it uses a glass bottle.

While the Soda Stream brand is synonymous with the original delicious sparkling water machine, which could help you save 1300 bottles and cans a year, it's no longer the only name in the game for anyone looking for homemade fizzy drinks or sparkling water.

Swedish brand Aarke is behind a range of stunning stainless steel soda maker machines, which make a statement in the kitchen in a selection of metal and chrome finishes and give you sparkling water at the push of a lever.

You'll also find portable soda syphon machines, which allow you to expertly make cocktails with minimal effort.

In addition to reducing waste, if you're a bottled water or soda fiend, a soda stream machine can help you save money in the long run.

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