4 last-minute Christmas gifts that don't feel so last-minute

4 last-minute Christmas gifts that don't feel so last-minute

The best gifts, even last-minute ones, have some thought and effort put behind them.

Christmas is just around the corner, meaning it might just be too late to order a gift online. So, what are your options? How do you ensure that you make the important person in your life happy?

Here are four gift ideas to make sure the people you may have forgotten don’t feel like you forgot them at all.



The ultimate adult gift. Sure, not everyone drinks booze, but if they do, you sure have a lot of options. A nice wine is always considered a good gesture. If you have a good friend who enjoys spirits instead, spend $50 on a bottle of good whiskey. Maybe your sister-in-law enjoys a nice Southern Comfort cocktail — in that case, get a bottle and a few of the ingredients that go into the drink, and package them together. And why not grab a big bottle of Jagermeister for your old college roommate who got you Metallica tickets?

You really can’t go wrong. And better yet, most liquor stores carry special boxed gift sets around the holidays that include glassware.


Pet Toys


Don’t know much about your co-worker, but need to think of a gift fast? Well, she's always mentioning her Doberman named Killer, and her Instagram is filled with pics of Killer on the couch, on the bed, and barking at the mailman. OK, that’s an extreme scenario, but pet lovers love their animals more than anything in the world, some more than humans. So if you know a pet lover who has a dog, head over to Petco or PetSmart and get a toy they can enjoy together at the park, or even a bone. That’s right — a bone. Dogs, no matter what size, love to chew away at 'em, and it's a perfectly acceptable gift for someone who considers the pet a part of the family. And if they have a cat, pet stores have all kinds of great items a friend's feline would love. You can’t go wrong with squeaky toys, lasers, wands. After all, a happy animal makes for a happy owner.

Pop Culture Knick-Knacks


If you know a movie, TV or comic fanatic, remember this one word: Funko. The company has been having a moment recently, debuting collectible vinyl figures from every corner of pop culture. They’ve licensed many different characters, from superheroes and sports icons to movie characters and rock stars. Kids love them too, and you can find plenty of options at your local comic shop, the mall, or even Wallgreens.

Your niece likes a Disney princess? Your pal is a big Aaron Rodgers fan? Your co-worker can’t stop talking about that particular scene in "The Empire Strikes Back"? Funko makes figures for them all. Each only cost around $10, too.

For someone extra special, it's also not too late to head to your local movie theater and pick up a couple of movie passes that can be redeemed for an upcoming blockbuster. Or hop online and treat your special someone to tickets to a concert or sporting event.


Gift Cards


Gift cards are admittedly dicey. You can easily offend someone depending on what kind of gift card you get them, so think about this one real hard. For instance, if your brother loves his PlayStation 4, that’s a slam dunk — your local drugstore probably sells Amazon or Best Buy gift cards. Your cousin has been wanting to try Hulu or Netflix, and lo and behold, they sell gift cards online, or even at retailers like Target. Just be wary of giving someone a random gift card to a store or restaurant they might not like. Because if they hate your Applebee's or Cheesecake Factory gift card, you've just opened a can of worms.

Whatever you buy, remember that the best gifts, even last-minute ones, have some thought and effort put behind them.

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