25 Best Buys For Babies This Holiday Season: Personalized Books, Festive Bibs & More

25 Best Buys For Babies This Holiday Season: Personalized Books, Festive Bibs & More

Buying for a baby doesn’t have to be hard! Take a look at all the cute options at your fingertips from cozy blankies and fuzzy boots to festive stuffed animals.

Babies may be tiny, but the holiday season is a huge opportunity to buy them everything they need. So don’t forget about the little one in your life when you start Christmas shopping. Because whether you’re interested in buying toys or picking up more practical gifts that mom and dad will love, the options are endless — and it’s really hard to go wrong! Take baby clothing, for instance. Pagoda sells an elf onesie with a pointy hood in all kinds of colors, and Copper Pearl has a festive set of bibs ranging from green plaid to Christmas tree patterns. The Feltman Brothers feature baby bonnets galore on their site, and Mou’s baby eskimo boots are just to die for. Throw in a cozy Tula blanket while you’re at it, or even a pair of Squid Socks, and your perfect present will be complete!

But if you feel like purchasing something a little more playful for the tyke in your life, do double duty with gifts like The Düo Foot Finders and Learning Resources’ Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog. Having fun with both toys will actually help refine motor skills! Books are also an awesome option. Wonderbly will personalize a story to feature any name you choose, while Reindeer in Here can be the start to a sweet family tradition. If you know a baby with teeth coming in, though, your money might be better spent on holiday gifts to help soothe their gums. LouLou Lollipop Bubble Teethers feature both wood and silicone to gnaw on, while Itzy Ritzy’s teething mitts are right at home on a little one’s hands.

So click through the gallery above for some more inspiration! And if you’re still in need of the perfect present for someone older, we’ve got a gift guide for kids as well. There’s no excuse to leave the little ones in your life hanging this holiday season!

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