19 Stunning Photos Of Church Weddings That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

19 Stunning Photos Of Church Weddings That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

If there’s one thing that all weddings have in common, it’s that they’re all beautiful. Whether you get married in the summer or the winter, indoors or outdoors, in a courthouse or at a church, weddings can be incredibly breathtaking. There are countless killer backdrops for you to choose from when it comes to where you and your soon-to-be spouse decide to say "I do," churches only being one. And while long gone are the days when weddings would only take place in churches, they still serve as gorgeous backdrops for your special day. These stunning photos of church weddings are seriously impressive.

When it comes to weddings, you and your future spouse should get to have the final say in everything. If you want to get married in front of hundreds of people in a traditional ceremony, that’s great! If you would rather run away together and get married somewhere in the countryside, just you two and your closest friends and family, that’s also great! Your special day is what you and your boo make of it. However you choose to celebrate your love and vow to be together for as long as you both shall live will be amazing, because it’s your day. While a church wedding may not be your cup of tea, for some people, it is, and with these stunning photos, I’m not entirely surprised.

1Simple and stunning.

While this church may not stand 1000 feet high and be decked out in stained glass for days, it’s absolutely beautiful in its simplicity. The flowers don’t hurt, either.

2Can you say "breathtaking"?

I’d be cheering like that if I got married in this church, too.

3I mean, look at these dramatic colors!

The colors in this picture are beyond comparison. Look at the way the bride’s bouquet perfectly matches the red and green behind them. Now that’s jaw-dropping.

4This looks straight out of a fairytale.

You don’t have to choose between your dream fairytale wedding and a more traditional church wedding. With this church, this couple got the best of both worlds.

5This ceiling is so high!

How does someone even create a church this impressive? Like hi, yes. Please build my future house.

6Is this church even real?!

It is, indeed, real, and it’s located in central London. Even though it’s in England, this church gives off major Beauty and the Beast (which takes place in France) vibes thanks to the stained glass.

7This church looks like it was ripped right out of the Renaissance.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo once sat in this exact church TBH!

8Can you imagine the killer music that comes from that organ?

I can practically hear "Here Comes The Bride" echoing through this enormous church as the bride’s father walks her down the aisle.

9The colors in this church are to die for.

The black and white of the bridal party, the cloth over the altar, and the gorgeous flower arrangements contrast perfectly with the yellow and orange backdrop. Stunning.

10Classic, yet still so gorgeous.

The way the couple contrasts against the backdrop and the reddish hues is so pretty. Heart eyes for days!

11I’ll have four of that chandelier, thanks.

If ever there was ever a poster child for a cozy, homey church, it would be this one. It’s impressive, but not too over the top.

12I’m living for this dome!

Honestly, where are all these churches hidden in my home town?!

13This church ceiling looks like the night sky. Gorgeous!

I’m all for adding touches of color anywhere and everywhere, and this church got it so right.

14These plants are such a beautiful touch.

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This looks like a secret garden! So delicate and sweet.

15Literally stunning.

I am living for this photo.

16Loving the dramatics in this one.

Candles have such a way of making a scene that much more awe-inspiring. The gothic arches behind the couple and the shadows from the candlelight certainly add to the stunning shot.

17Can the architect who designed this church do my house next?

The architecture may seem a little far-fetched and busy for some, but make no mistake: This church is gorgeous. And those chandeliers are chic AF.

18Photos don’t do this church justice.

This looks like a European cathedral and I want to live in it.

19Who said churches were only indoors?

I mean, if you really want to have a church wedding with an outdoor feel, look no further.

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