14 Country Songs About Love That’ll Bring Out Your Hopeless Romantic

14 Country Songs About Love That’ll Bring Out Your Hopeless Romantic

Without a doubt, country artists have a special knack for writing and singing about matters of the heart. Whether it’s a crushing ballad about the one that got away, or an uptempo tribute to the rush of a new romance, there’s something about this genre that really captures the magic of love. Maybe it’s the heartfelt storytelling in the lyrics, the smoky vocals, or the warm sound of the guitar — either way, there are certain country songs about love that will make you melt right on the spot.

To try and round up every great country song about love would be next to impossible. There are the timeless classics, like Lady A’s "I Run To You", Taylor Swift’s "Love Story," and Carrie Underwood’s "Because You Love Me," and then there are the modern hits, like Jason Aldean’s "You Make It Easy" and Maren Morris’ "The Bones." But in recent years, there’s been a slew of new songs that delve into all of the beautiful emotions and experiences that come with falling in love. Best of all, some of them were written and performed by real-life country couples — and others were inspired by real love stories.

So, when you’re looking to indulge your inner hopeless romantic, pour yourself a glass of whiskey, fire up your streaming service of choice, and blast these unapologetically sappy songs on repeat.

"Starting Over" — Chris Stapleton

Fun fact: this soulful jam features background vocals from Chris Stapleton’s wife, Morgane. How adorable is that?

"Sinning With You" — Sam Hunt

Between Sam Hunt’s raspy voice, the unexpected trap beat, and the thought-provoking lyrics, this is definitely not your average love song. In a recent interview, Hunt said he hopes that Christian LGBTQ couples can relate to his experience in this song.

"Still Smokin’" — RaeLynn

This laid-back little tune is all about a "summer fling that turned to a flame that’s gonna last forever."

“I love the fact that it doesn’t really sound like a love song but it is a love song.” RaeLynn told The Tennessean.

The music vid also serves as a tribute to her very own love story, featuring many pics of her and her husband, Josh Davis.

"Not Good At Not" — Morgan Wallen

If there’s one word that sums up the subject of this catchy country tune, it’s *smitten.*

"Take You Home" — Cassadee Pope

The title says it all: this one is all about deciding to let someone into your life in a bigger way — by bringing them back to your hometown to meet your fam. Fun fact: Cassadee Pope says this optimistic tune helped her to get through a difficult year, in which she and her longtime boyfriend Rian Dawson split up.

"Forever To Go" — Chase Rice

Chase Rice has said that this is one of his favorite songs off The Album Part I, mainly because of its message — and you’ll definitely see why after listening.

"That’s a love that everybody I think desires," Rice told People.

"Needy" — Kelsea Ballerini

There’s something equally exciting and scary about realizing that you’re actually coming to depend on someone else. Kelsea Ballerini captures that vulnerability perfectly in this catchy bop.

"Everywhere I’m Going" — Maddie & Tae

It should be pretty clear after watching the music video that this song is super personal to Maddie & Tae. Specifically, it seems to be dedicated to their fiancés, Jonah Font and Josh Kerr — everywhere they’ve been together, and everywhere they’re going in the future.

"Like A Rodeo" — Kane Brown

This slow-rocking hit, which explores the wild rollercoaster ride that is falling in love, is sure to get stuck in your head instantly.

"Slow Dance In A Parking Lot" — Jordan Davis

What makes this love song so special is that it was inspired by a true story about co-writer Lonnie Fowler’s relationship with his wife.

“When Lonnie told me the story of that first date with his wife…he was taking her home from their college formal and didn’t want the night to end, so he pulled into a parking lot and put on Garth Brooks’ ‘She’s Every Woman’ and asked her for one last dance," said Jordan Davis in a press release. "I just thought ‘man, that captures everything country music is about right there."

Davis says fans have embraced this song so much that sometimes, they start slow dancing to it when he performs it live in concert.

"10,000 Hours" — Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber

Talk about sentimentality — the music video for this song features the real-life wives of all three singers: Hailey Baldwin, Abby Law, and Hannah Billingsley. And it’s so romantic that Justin Bieber himself asked Dan + Shay to perform it live for the first time at his wedding. Did I mention that "10,000 Hours" is nominated for Single of the Year, Musical Event of the Year and Music Video of the Year at the 2020 CMA Awards? Yeah, this one’s a smash — and it’s no surprise.

"This Is Us" — Jimmie Allen, Noah Cyrus

From the moment the somber piano starts playing, you can tell that this tune — which tells the tale of a couple rekindling their love — has some serious weight to it. Jimmie Allen has said that it’s about two people who were trying to figure out who they were but remained friends through all of life’s trials and tribulations.

"Happy Anywhere" — Blake Shelton, feat. Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have dropped more than one super romantic duet this year ( see: "Nobody But You") — but this one feels especially relevant in 2020.

Shelton says this is one of his favorite music videos he’s ever made because it features real behind-the-scenes footage from happy times in their relationship. He called it "honest and real" and TBH, I couldn’t agree more.

"Hold You Tonight" — Gryffin, Chris Lane

Who knew country music and EDM would mesh so perfectly together? In an Instagram post, Gryffin revealed that this chart-climbing little number was inspired by his relationship with his wife.

"It’s a very special one for me," he wrote. "It marks my 2 year anniversary to my incredible wife @stephggriffith who is my everything and my muse in life. This upcoming record is dedicated to her and the incredible, beautiful woman that she is."

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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