12 Best Reusable Coffee Cups 2022 | The Sun UK | The Sun

12 Best Reusable Coffee Cups 2022 | The Sun UK | The Sun

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a takeaway coffee must be in want of a really good reusable coffee cup.

Why? Many of us will grab a morning coffee to set us up for the day which is great for our productivity but it does mean that 7 million disposable coffee cups are used each day in the UK.

With one of the best reusable coffee cups you can play a part in reducing the number used while having a better coffee drinking experience. Gone are the days of leaky cups and products that rapidly cooling drinks because now there are a whole host of options that will keep your beverage secure and hot for hours.

There are lots of designs available from clear glass to stainless steel, fun colours to mug like handles so there's something to suit everyone's taste.

We've rounded up the best reusable coffee cups to help you find your perfect commute companion.

1. We tried: KeepCup black brew cork reusable 8oz glass coffee cup

  • KeepCup black brew cork reusable 8oz glass coffee cup, £30.15 from Amazon – buy here

KeepCup is a renowned brand when it comes to reusable coffee cups, and is the pioneer of eco-friendly glass options.

We tried KeepCup's 8oz glass 'Brew' version complete with pop-open and pop-close lid, and a cork band to make it easy to hold. The 8oz version is the perfect size for flat whites which is one of our favourites.

The cork sleeve – sourced from waste wine corks in Portugal – is lightweight, anti-bacterial and biodegrades if you decide the time comes to replace it with a newer cup.

The cork felt really nice to hold, and kept the coffee warmer a little longer, too, while protecting our hand from the toughened, insulated glass – which can be heated up to 110 degrees Celsius.

The lid is durable and splash-proof, meaning no leakages when travelling or running for the bus. It was also super easy to take apart for a deep clean.

When it came to having coffee on-the-go, we popped the lightweight cup in our bag, and then passed it over to our local coffee shop barista who was happy to make our usual in the glass, reusable cup, rather than in a paper, single-use one.

To drink, you simply pop open the 'arm' and swivel it around, and then swivel it back to pop it shut. It's really that easy.

KeepCup's offering is also completely recyclable at the end of its lifetime, reducing the use of disposable cups that are directed to landfill every single day.

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