12 Best Garden Furniture Covers 2021 | The Sun UK

12 Best Garden Furniture Covers 2021 | The Sun UK

THE best garden furniture covers should be durable and waterproof to protect your tables and chairs from weather wear.

We’ve selected some of the most popular ones to help your outdoor furniture last longer.

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How to secure garden furniture covers

Most garden furniture covers are quite generic in size and are made to fit different things, which means you’ll generally need to get one that’s slightly larger than what you need to cover.

When it comes to using these, it’s important that they’re secured in place so they don’t get blown away by the wind.

Most should come with straps or cords to help you secure them in place.

The idea is to get the cover as low as possible without it trailing on the ground – measuring the height of your furniture is important for this – and then wrap the strap tightly around the leg of the furniture to secure it in place.

Then you need to repeat this for all four corners of the cover.

Some covers also have additional Velcro straps to improve fit – these just need to be tightened to fit the furniture you’re trying to protect.

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