10 positions that will make car sex more fun

10 positions that will make car sex more fun

Have you tried to navigate car sex? 61% of Brits have, according to a survey.

Number1Plates found that one in 13 people have been caught in the act, which, by the way, is different to dogging.

Technically it’s not illegal to engage in car sex in public, but if caught you could be breaking the law under indecent exposure – so it’s definitely best to pick a secluded spot should this kink interest you.

But in most cases for those surveyed, the risk isn’t necessarily worth it as only 16% of people say they always climax from car sex.

With that in mind, the number plate brand have found the best positions to try in a car. They’re more likely to make the awkwardness of car sex easier to manage for better results.

It goes without saying that you should only try these when safely parked up – otherwise you face the risk of a fine or having your license taken away.


This is a take on the popular cowgirl position. With your partner sitting comfortably, hop on and straddle them. Control your orgasm by dictating the rhythm and depth and you could even try masturbating as you ride your partner.

Reverse Gear

Sitting on your partner’s lap, face the front of the car. You can choose to recline the seat, bend forwards and rest your arms on the dashboard for extra support, or simply lean into your partner and have them caress you from behind. 

Tailgating (or doggy style)

The person being penetrated gets on all fours, while their partner enters them from behind either in a kneeling or standing position. This position provides easy access to get handsy.

Drive Shaft

This is good if you enjoy the intimacy of being able to gaze into your partner’s eyes but are looking for something kinkier than missionary. On the backseat, lie on your back with your legs raised and pulled as close to your shoulders as they can comfortably go.

Your partner can enter you from a missionary position. If your partner doesn’t have a penis or isn’t using a strap, this position can be super sexy using fingers or toys too.

Road Head

It’s in the name. The person in the passenger seat leans over and performs oral on the person in the driver’s seat. 

The receiver can incorporate hair pulling or spanking from their spot in the driver’s seat if desired.

Joy Ride

This a discreet position. Go below the belt and manually stimulate each other with a good old fashioned hand-job. Be sure to kiss or whisper all the things you want to do to each other once you’re in private, to make this simple position more passionate.

Backseat Driver

Have your partner sit on the floor in the back of the car. Crouch on the back seat, facing the back of the car and hold on to the seat. Gently sit on/hover in front of your partner’s face in an angle which allows your clitoris to rest on their lips or where they can suck on your penis.

Use the seat for support, grind over your partner’s mouth and move your hips. Your partner can even work on themselves at the same time.

Cruise Control (or spooning)

Lie down on the back seat with your partner behind you, facing the front of the car. Depending on how much room there is, you may have to opt for a bent knee position. Your partner can then penetrate you from behind. This position is all about consistent pleasure and a steady speed.

Full Beam

If you’re a visual person, this will likely stimulate you. On the backseat, both sit with your legs facing each other and your arms propping you up. Here you can either work on yourself in full view of your partner, grind against each other, or lower yourself onto your partner’s penis/strap and rock back and forth.

The Chauffeur

The Chauffeur is perfect for pleasuring your partner with your hands, oral, sex toys or genitals. On the back seat, lean against the door in a semi-propped up position. Use the door or seats to adjust your position to find an angle that intensifies your pleasure.

Your partner can then kneel in front of you on the seat. Have them lean in for a passionate kiss, whisper in your ear or play with your nipples, to keep things interesting.

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