10 Incredibly Expensive McDonald’s Toys…That Might Be Lying In Your Attic

10 Incredibly Expensive McDonald’s Toys…That Might Be Lying In Your Attic

The best part about getting a Happy Meal at McDonald’s is undoubtedly the free toy included. Any kid — or adult who used to be a kid — will attest to this. While these small toys were always quirky and cute, they weren’t anything groundbreaking and were often played with for a couple of days before the kid simply forgot about it. For those who didn’t forget about their toys and actually held onto them, you may be in luck: some of these kitschy toys are now considered rare collectibles, and can potentially earn you some big bucks. Here are the top 10 most expensive McDonald’s toys that may still be lurking in your attic!

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10 Clippable Furby – $120

The robotic creature “Furby” was the hottest toy on the market for a while. While a legitimate Furby wasn’t cheap, the tiny Furby trinkets that came in a Happy Meal in the year 2000 were a cute little substitute. They were attached to a clip, so many children opted to use the Furby toy as a key chain and would clip them onto their backpacks and the like. Now in 2019, the Furby toys are worth $120 each. And these mini Furby’s don’t even talk or move like the real ones!

9 50th Anniversary Snoopy – $180

The year 2000 was a big deal for many reasons, but it also marked the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Peanuts characters that debuted in a comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. The comic took off, and the Peanuts evolved into an entire franchise with TV movies and merchandise. To celebrate 50 years of Peanuts, little figurines of Snoopy in various costumes were added to Happy Meals for a time. If you have every single version of Snoopy that was given out during this time, you can sell the set for $180.

8 101 Dalmations – $220

When the live-action remake of Disney’s beloved cartoon 101 Dalmations hit theatres in 1996, naturally McDonald’s decided to include a toy version of every puppy featured in the movie in their Happy Meals. However, it’d be pretty daring to attempt to collect all 101 of the figurines. If for some reason you have access to the entire set of 101 toys in total, you’ll be able to sell all of them for $220. Unfortunately, if you only have one or two of the little guys, you’re not likely to make much of a profit.

7 Mario (And Friends) – $250

Mario, his brother Luigi, and all of the other characters in the Mario universe are some of the most widely recognized video game characters of all time. The franchise has also seen longevity — while they’re still huge today, they were even bigger back in the ’90s! A collection of characters — mostly Mario —  were released in McDonald’s Happy Meals in both 1994 and 1998. Now, the full set of characters from either of those years can earn you around $250. Remember, it has to be the complete set! At least you’ll be able to hit two markets: those who collect the McDonald’s toys and those who collect Mario memorabilia!

6 Fraggle Rock (Set Of Four) – $300

Fraggle Rock was a huge hit with children back in the day. The show revolved around creatures called “Fraggles” as well as creatures called “Doozers,” “Gorgs,” and “Silly Creatures.” If you were a ’90’s baby, you loved yourself some Fraggle Rock! Technically the Jim Henson puppet show aired in the ’80s, but the show was still as popular as ever in the ’90s due to re-runs. That’s why in 1992, McDonald’s started giving out Fraggle Rock characters in their Happy Meals. If you manage to acquire four of the toys given out during this time period, you can sell them off for a cool $300.

5 Inspector Gadget – $350

Inspector Gadget was a cartoon where the titular character was a half-man, half-robot detective. The show was so successful that there was even a live-action remake. When an Inspector Gadget action figure was included in Happy Meals in 1995, kids went wild.

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After all, this wasn’t just your regular figurine — the toy incorporated the robotic parts of him, such as his mechanical arm and spinning hat. It was one of McDonald’s coolest offerings and, naturally, it can now be sold for $350 if you discover it hidden in the corner of your attic.

4 Power Rangers – $350

Every kid had at least one Power Rangers action figure of their own during the ’90s, so when they were offered for free at McDonald’s in 1994, Happy Meals flew off the shelves. Not only did they give you the chance to obtain every character, but they also included the super-cool vehicles that the Power Rangers used to fight crime. Each Power Ranger came with its own matching vehicle. If you have all six Power Rangers and all six of their cars, the whole set can be sold online for $350.

3 Robots by Diener Keshi – $400

Now, we’re getting to the rarest of the rare. These tiny little robot figures were offered in Happy Meals all the way back in 1979. Diener Keshi figures were some of the oldest toys offered in Happy Meals, and they came in collections other than just robots — the little rubber toys came as dinosaurs, circus characters, and cars to name a few. If you manage to stumble across these little doo-dads, you could earn a whopping $400 for them. Time to open up all those old dusty boxes and explore!

2 Underwater Monsters by Diener Keshi – $400

This is another set of tiny rubber toys released by Diener Industries in 1979. These whacky and whimsical underwater monsters were unarguably adorable, but once you acted out every make-believe scenario, there weren’t many other ways to play with them. Fortunately, Diener Keshi’s Happy Meals toys also doubled as quirky little erasers! A full set of the Underwater Monsters collection can be sold for $400. Pretty impressive considering they’re just little erasers, but also understandable when you keep in mind that these things date back to 1979 and are part of McDonald’s history!

1 TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos – $450

TY’s Beanie Babies were all the rage in the ’90s, and many people collected the stuffed animal friends in hopes of the plushie being worth a lot of money someday. Seriously — Beanie Baby collectors would get intense about it! Unfortunately, it’s very rare for a Beanie Baby to be worth much in 2019. Except for Teenie Beanie Boos, the miniature Beanie Babies that came with Happy Meals in 2000. Since these are much rarer than the regular toys, a set of the stuffed animals could earn you an astounding $450!

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