10 Best Pre-Lit Christmas Trees 2021 | The Sun UK

10 Best Pre-Lit Christmas Trees 2021 | The Sun UK

WE CAN think of lots of reasons not to buy a new Christmas tree every year.

For starters, the cost: coveted Nordman fir trees can often start at £30 or £40 – and that’s for the mini ones. For a dramatic 7ft or 8ft tree, you’re looking at paying £80 and upwards. Plus, you’ll need a new one annually.

By contrast, an artificial tree might set you back a couple of hundred pounds initially, but it will last for years (provided you have decent space to store it well).

You can also save money – and faff – on decorations and lights: many of the artificial trees come pre-lit, and often accessorized, with pinecones, berries and the like.

Just think of it: no more wires to get tangled up in! Pre-lit Christmas trees usually come with a convenient stand, too.

If you’re thinking about ditching real trees in favour of artificial ones for environmental reasons, we commend you – although a plastic tree made and shipped over from China is unlikely to shave much off the carbon footprint – unless you treat it well and reuse it year after year after year.

So invest in a gorgeous pre-lit tree you’ll want to hang onto – here's our selection of the best pre-lit Christmas trees on the market.

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