You’ve been doing your mascara wrong – how to make short, thin lashes look so much thicker in 2 easy steps | The Sun

You’ve been doing your mascara wrong – how to make short, thin lashes look so much thicker in 2 easy steps | The Sun

ONE woman made her thin, short lashes so thick and sturdy they could hold up a Q-tip on their own.

On TikTok, she generously shared the miracle product that transforms her lashes, as well as her technique for getting the most out of it.

TikToker and beauty expert Hayley posted a video highlighting the two steps she follows for longer lashes.

She says: “Try this mascara if you have short, thin lashes."

At the beginning of her video, she balances a Q-tip on one side of her lashes to prove how sturdy they are.

Then she compares the difference between the lashes on the left and right sides of her face.

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On the left side, her lashes appear to be thick, long, and strong.

On the right side, her lashes haven’t been curled or enhanced with product, so they don’t look very prominent.

She suggests using a product called SHEGlam All-In-One Mascara, $5.99.

SHEGlam’s website states that the mascara is made of a “buildable, long-lasting, waterproof, and clump-free" formula.

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First, she says to prime your lashes with the thin silicone side of the brush.

After that, you’ll add volume to your lashes with the thicker side of the brush.

She does these steps on the lashes on her top lid as well as the lashes underneath her eye.

At the end of her video, she adds an on-screen text block that simply says: “Love it!"

Hundreds of people have responded in her comment section about her lash advice.

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One woman wrote: “I’ve already been using it, bro. Now you’re gonna make it get sold out.“

Another woman wrote; “Yes, I love the mascara!"

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