You’ve been brushing your hair all wrong… and you’re making it look WORSE

You’ve been brushing your hair all wrong… and you’re making it look WORSE

BRUSHING your hair is such a seemingly simple task that it is safe to say you've never thought twice about it – but the bad news is, you could be doing it all wrong.

Unfortunately if done incorrectly – such as using the wrong hairbrush – it could cause a lot of damage to your luscious tresses.

According to The Mirror, four out of 10 women are aware that some of their actions can harm their hair, and nearly one in four are concerned about the damage they are causing to their locks.

More than one in 20 people surveyed admitted that they still live by the old phrase "brush your hair 100 times before bed", which isn't necessary.

What also may be surprising to some is that half of people incorrectly brush their hair from their scalp downwards.


The poll was conducted by Tangle Teezer, who also found that a fifth of people think it's acceptable to brush hair "roughly" to remove knots and tangles.

Tangle Teezer founder Shaun Pulfrey said it was concerning to see how many women are causing unnecessary damage to their locks.

He said that no matter someone's hair texture, they should be using a gentle brush.

"It's also concerning that women are using one brush for all tasks, a good way to look at this is you wouldn't use a foundation brush to apply blusher, so why use a detangling brush to blow dry hair?" Shaun queried.

"No matter how tempting it is to pull or cut knots, it's always best to use a detangling hairbrush."

While it is recommended that different tools be used for different tasks such as combing wet hair, detangling, and blow-drying, the study revealed that three-quarters of women use the same hairbrush for all elements of their hair care.

Thirty per cent of those who participated in the study only have one or two hairbrushes, and more than half confess they are unsure if they are using the correct brush for their hair type.

Split ends (40 per cent), frizz (34 per cent), and thinning hair (29 per cent) were identified to be the most common concerns among UK women.

Shaun added: "Using the right hairbrush for your hair type, will help limit hair damage or loss through mechanical trauma."

The incorrect ways you’re brushing you’re hair

  • Brushing too hard
  • Brushing scalp downwards
  • Using a brush that has seen better days
  • Using a hairbrush that isn't specifically for detangling
  • Sharing a hairbrush with someone else
  • Being rough on knots and tangles
  • Not using the correct brush for your hair type
  • Using a hairbrush that doesn't have flexible bristles
  • Not using different hairbrushes for different things

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