You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot all 5 business buzzwords illustrated in an office-themed brainteaser | The Sun

You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot all 5 business buzzwords illustrated in an office-themed brainteaser | The Sun

IN corporate America, there are a handful of business buzzwords you hear all the time.

This colorful image depicts a typical office – but it's filled with illustrations of common business phrases.

Tollfree Forwarding, an international communications provider that connects businesses with customers across the globe, created this office illustration designed to tease the brain a little.

This illustration features a workplace scene with two women talking.

One is sitting at her desk and working on a computer, while the other is using her laptop in her arms.

But the props around the room aren't just for show – some of them actually depict common business jargon.


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Look around the image and you'll see a plant, a bookshelf,and some odd decorations.

If you're still stuck, the phrases to look for are "put it on ice," "stick a pin in it," "no-brainer," "circle back," and "think outside the box."

According to Georgia Tech News Center, "buzzwords create a shorthand among people who know each other well. It’s essential to have a shorthand when communicating."

The signs are hidden in plain sight.

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Still looking? If your gaze falls in the middle, you'll notice a computer with a picture brain on it – and a cross through that brain.

There's also a circle on the back of the woman's shirt.

The plant on the left side is not on a table, but a light blue block of ice.

Two more buzzwords are illustrated on the bookcase.

One of the books is titled "Thinking," and it's leaning on the outside of a box.

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Finally, there's a giant "IT" decoration on top of the shelf with a push pin stuck in it.

If you still can't figure out any of the shorthands from the details, scroll down for the reveal.

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