Wrap awkwardly-shaped Christmas presents including saucepans and plants in SECONDS thanks to a genius hack

Wrap awkwardly-shaped Christmas presents including saucepans and plants in SECONDS thanks to a genius hack

WRAPPING UP Christmas presents is the best way to spend a cold, dark winter evening, that's unless you have lots of awkwardly shaped gifts.

Luckily, one gift-wrapping guru is here to the rescue, Natasha, from Australia regularly posts TikTok videos showing how you can make all your presents look incredible.

Natasha, who has been gift wrapping for years has a variety of videos on her TikTok account, effectivespaces, to show you how to wrap your presents up properly.

Circular boxes

In one video Natasha shows how to wrap a circular shaped gift without any bulky edges.

She starts by measuring the tin with a piece of rope to make sure she doesn't have any excess paper to ruin the packaging.

Then she wraps the tin and tapes it on its side not the top of the tin.

Once it is secure, she places it down on the table, she takes the corner of the paper and tapes it to the top of the tin and begins to pleat the wrapping paper all the way around.

She they cuts off any excess material and secures it in place, although simple, it completely elevates the packaging.

Pot plants

In another video, Natasha looks at how to wrap a potted plant without it being damaged or looking weird.

Natasha says to start with a square piece of fabric or tissue paper and place the base of the plant pot in the centre.

She then takes one corner of the sheet and pulls it up towards the plant pot and tucks it tightly in.

She then repeats the process until it looks pleated all the way around and simply add a ribbon to secure it.


Natasha also has a video for wrapping up kitchen utensils such as saucepans and frying pans.

For this she uses a natural fabric and places the saucepan in the middle of it and folds the fabric over it.

She then pulls the corners and tucks them inside, she gathers the longer pieces of fabric and folds them around the handle and tops it off with a big red bow to secure it in place.

Miscellaneous items

For anything that doesn't have such clean edges the savvy folder had a nifty solution.

She started by taking a sheet of wrapping paper and folding it with a small fold at the top and then the whole thing in half and in half again.

She then unfolded the whole sheet and used the folds as guides.

She cut four squares from one side, glued the edge of the paper and then folded it into a pretty milk carton sized box.

The influencer then dropped the items in the box – in this case she demonstrated with nail polish.

She explained that for heavier items you can pop a piece of cardboard in the bottom and advised viewers to use a lot of tape.

Soft toys

Last but not least was those pesky teddy bears – always a nightmare to make look beautiful under the tree.

The TikToker started by folding a piece of wrapping paper so that it met in the middle and taped it up.

She then created a "bottom" for it by folding the paper in on itself and sealing it with more sticky tape.

She then popped the teddy in the wrapping paper bag she had created and sealed it by wrapping a strip of paper around the top creating a "handle".

Always wondered how other people manage to make their gifts so gorgeous? Give these hacks a go and you can nail Christmas giving too!


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