Woman who paid £175 for trendy balayage hairstyle is left furious over the ‘uneven’ cut and ‘stark’ colour

Woman who paid £175 for trendy balayage hairstyle is left furious over the ‘uneven’ cut and ‘stark’ colour

A WOMAN who spent £175 on having her hair cut and coloured has been left fuming by the "uneven" and "stark" results.

Writing on the parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous British woman revealed how she'd spent weeks saving up for the appointment and underwhelmed with the lacklustre results.

Having paid a small fortune on the appointment, the woman wrote: "Never paid this much for a hair-do in my life but really wanted a great ombre-balayage and saved up for it."

Posting photos of the "stark" highlights and choppy cut, the woman added: "This is what I got. I'm so upset.

"Didn't realise it was this bad in the salon under the soft lightning with no natural light."

What's more, the woman spent four HOURS for the questionable cut and colour which is "twice the amount of time the [the hairdresser] said she'd take".

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And if that wasn't enough, the woman was left feeling "sick and dizzy due to not eating for four hours and being in a hot salon breathing in bleach".

Having dashed out in a hurry to pick up her daughter from her mother-in-law, the woman added: "Can I complain now that I've left the salon?"

Unsurprisingly, other users have insisted that the woman complain and ask for to "go back and get it fixed".

One replied: "You'd be mad not to complain. The colour seems to start halfway down your head, they've done a bloody awful job."

What is balayage?

  • 'Balayage' is a French word for 'sweep' or 'paint' which alludes to how the hair-dyeing technique makes locks look sunkissed and natural
  • Unlike highlights, balayage has a softer finish
  • Hair stylists apply the bleach to the surface of the section rather than the roots to avoid streaks

Encouraging the user to stand her ground, another wrote: "It does not look right. My balayage has never had a line like this straight across… it's supposed to blend.

"Give the salon a call and explain what happened/why you're not happy. I wouldn't be happy."

Meanwhile, a third Mumsnetter wrote: "I would totally complain!

"In fact, I would probably complain even if I had spent half of what you had. In my experience of going back to the salon and telling them you're not happy, the stylist will try to do everything to make it better."

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