Woman transformed her dry, damaged hair using rice water – and it looks SO shiny

Woman transformed her dry, damaged hair using rice water – and it looks SO shiny

WHEN you straighten and blow dry your hair as much as we do, it's almost inevitable that your locks will start looking a little dry over time.

Well forget splashing out on leave-in conditioners and expensive oils – because one savvy woman has revealed how she restored her hair's shine using RICE water.

Posting the haircare hack on her TikTok account, Australian beauty fan Bekkii Vosper explained how her hair had become "super damaged and dry".

Sharing a close-up look of her hair, she said: "It doesn't look that bad but it's pretty bad for me. It's really really gross."

After seeing other people nourish their hair with rice water, Bekkii decided to give it a go for herself.

Using some she already had in her cupboards, Bekkii started by filling the bottom of a bottle with rice and topping it up with water.

She then shook it together and added a splash of apple cider vinegar before spraying it over clean damp hair.

"My hair looks so good and so shiny," Bekkii said. "And it's so silky. I can't believe it."

According to Healthline, rice water has been used by Japanese women for centuries as inositol is able to penetrate hair and restore it from the inside out.

Hairdresser Ozzie Rizzo told the Metro: "The cloudy water left over from soaking rice, is hugely beneficial for hair growth and overall hair health.

"It is packed full of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B, C and E, as well as amino acids which all contribute to both strengthening and conditioning of the scalp and hair follicles.

The video has racked up over 18,000 "likes" and inspired other users to share their tips.

One replied: "Coconut oil helps too!"

Another wrote: "Looks so good omg."

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