Woman shows off ingenious wall rack to get her laundry dry but everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

Woman shows off ingenious wall rack to get her laundry dry but everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

SHE thought she'd changed the game with her ingenious wall laundry drying rack.

But when one woman took to Instagram to share a Reel showing off her new purchase, she was inundated with comments from people all saying the same thing.

"So pleased with this neat and tidy wall rack for my laundry room," she wrote alongside a video of the £68 Amazon rack in place.

"Guess I’m definitely a fully fledged adult now!"

"Possibly the worst idea ever – most house mould is caused by this,: one person quickly commented on the reel.

As another added: "Terrible idea but ok if you like damp and mould in the house.

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"Buy a tumble dryer instead."

"Great way to cause damp issues in a house…. Never ever dry clothes inside like this," someone else warned.

"It's perfect for creating damp in the house," another wrote sarcastically.

"How haven't I thought about that myself?"

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"That’s one way to create black mould in a new build," another comment read.

But others defended the woman.

"I can’t cope with people banging on about the mould," one raged.

"I always dry mine inside during the winter and never had any mould issues.

"I am also in a new build and they seem to be better ventilated for this anyway."

"I have a clothes airer in one of my rooms have done for 16 years it’s next to the radiator same as yours and apparently all these experts reckon we’re getting mould," someone else commented.

"Ok will just wait a few more year for it to appear then."

As a third wrote: "Bet you didn’t expect so much criticism and controversy from a dryer.

"I love the idea! Will be getting one myself."

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