Woman shares money-saving tip for next Christmas – you can do it now and it’ll use up those old Christmas cards too | The Sun

Woman shares money-saving tip for next Christmas – you can do it now and it’ll use up those old Christmas cards too | The Sun

A SAVVY woman has revealed the clever way she uses up the Christmas cards she’s received each year – and it’ll save you a ton on next year’s wrapping.

Social media user Natalie Milton warned her followers not to throw away their greeting cards in the New Year like they usually do.

Instead, Natalie, whose TikTok profile is @nataliemilton_, said people can use this time to get creative.

And they’ll also make a headstart on saving some money for next year’s festivities.

That’s because Natalie explained that she recycles the old cards and makes her own cute Christmas present tags for the following year.

As she shared the super simple and quick technique, she wrote: “I can’t remember the last time I bought tags for my Christmas presents!”

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She then continued: “Don’t bin your Christmas cards on the 1st January.

“You only need scissors and a hole punch.”

The video then captured Natalie in action, as she began to cut out parts of Christmas cards.

First, she chooses which she thinks will look best as tags, then cuts around the shape until she’s left with a smaller section.

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Next, she cuts off the two top hand corners to create a tag shape of her choice – from rectangular to circular.

Then Natalie takes her hole punch and puts a hole in the top middle part of the newly created tag. 

This can then be threaded with string and attached to gifts.

The video then showed the array of tags she’d made already – and her followers were seriously impressed. 

After watching the video, which has been liked over 40,000 times, Natalie was inundated with comments, which described the idea as “brilliant” and “genius”.

One wrote: “Nice idea.”

Another added: “Love this!”

While a third said: “So smart.”

Countless other social media users said they would be trying out the easy DIY technique themselves, as some revealed they had been doing it for years and hadn’t looked back.

One commented: “I do this every year!”

Another said: “I did mine on Christmas Day with good old pinking shears.”

And a third joined in as they revealed they were also a fan, as they said: “I did this with crimping scissors.”

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