Woman shares 'brutal' experience getting lip filler for the first time and everyone's horrified at the process | The Sun

Woman shares 'brutal' experience getting lip filler for the first time and everyone's horrified at the process | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has shared her “brutal” experience getting lip filler for the first time and people are convinced something is very wrong. 

Content creator Alex shared a video of herself wincing, struggling and crying while getting the cosmetic procedure done. 

The comments were a sea of worry, as people questioned the technique her practitioner was using to inject. 

Over the clips, Alex penned: “Some proof of just how brutal and uncomfortable lip filler actually is.

“These needles ain't short.

“The stuff women actually put themselves through just to look a little better.”

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In the video, she can be seen wincing as the needle is stabbed into her lips.

The practitioner seems to struggle with gently gliding the needle in and was accused by viewers of inserting it “too deep”.

Alex quipped: “So here it is people.

“It really aint comfortable, even after numbing cream.”

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Alex said it was her first time getting lip filler and “it wasn’t a nice experience”.

She added: “She applied [numbing cream] for like five minutes then got stuck in. 

“So I felt it all as you can see with my eyes.”

Her face was wincing throughout the whole procedure while her eyes watered.

Viewers said her videos were an “uncomfortable watch” and urged Alex to not visit the practitioner again. 

One wrote: “Be careful she hasn't hit anything serious there.

“Jesus, that looked way too rough!”

Alex replied: “This was years ago. 

“I’ve just got uneven patches now. 

“Need to go to someone to correct them.”

Another viewer commented: “It looks like she almost went through the other side of your lip with how aggressive she was.”

A third penned: “She is doing that so rough. 

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“I’m sure they are meant to go in gently and take time, not shove it in with force.”

Others said the practitioner's dark and "dingy" room – which was compared to a storage cupboard – should have been Alex's first red flag.

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