Woman overhauls her tired kitchen floor tiles using just an £8 stencil

Woman overhauls her tired kitchen floor tiles using just an £8 stencil

A CRAFTY woman managed to completely overhaul her kitchen floor – simply by using an £8 stencil. 

Rather than replacing the floor or covering it, she decided to get her hands dirty and paint a design onto it.

She looked for inspiration online and bought herself an £8 stencil from Etsy as a guide, then cut out her own one. 

Despite it “taking ages”, she said her homemade version worked better than the one she found online. 

She and her husband bought some neutral paint and practised painting their stencil behind the fridge while they got the hang of it. 

After a while they were pros, and did the entire kitchen floor – and even the bathroom. 

She shared incredible snaps of her kitchen floor before and after, revealing the total project only set her back £58. 

Posting to Facebook group DIY On A Budget Official, she said: “Absolutely hated our kitchen floor, it didn’t go with the kitchen at all.

“So myself and my husband decided to have a go at painting it (well mostly my husband).

“I spent ages cutting out our own stencil (bought one online then I copied it to save money).”

Chuffed with the results, she added: “Can’t believe how much better it looks, still got to seal it.” 

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Her post has racked up more than 4,000 comments, as people praised her DIY skills. 

One person said: "Isn't this amazing?"

Another wrote: "What a fantastic idea – it looks like an expensive re-tile!"

While a third said: "I have the same tiles in my kitchen and hate them so will definitely be trying this. Thank you!"

And for anyone wanting to copy her method, she revealed step-by-step instructions to achieve the look. 

She said: “Clean the tiles the best you possibly can. We done about 10 at a time, there’s no need to do them all because you can only paint a few at a time."

She bought GoodHome durable paint in Tuscon Satin for £32, and used a small roller to apply two coats.

She continued: “I actually photocopied the stencil then laminated it and cut out with a craft knife. My stencil actually worked better than the bought one.

“Use masking tape to hold the stencil to the tile ang again we used a small roller. 

“We worked out the roller needs to be touch dry, the less paint the better just build up the layers.

“Be patient it is a slow process because you have to give it drying time between coats.”

And she added her advice to anyone wanted to give it a go it “have fun and patience”. 

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