Woman cringes after her mum finds her HUGE stash of condoms from when she was a teen – & then jokes ‘you started young’

Woman cringes after her mum finds her HUGE stash of condoms from when she was a teen – & then jokes ‘you started young’

A SALES consultant was left red-faced after he mum found her secret stash of condoms from when she was a teenager.

Lucy Lomas, now 25, hid 50 of the contraceptives in her teddy bear hot water bottle.

She was able to keep them from her mother for almost a decade.

But embarrassed Lucy was finally rumbled when her mum stumbled upon them when clearing out the loft at the family home.

She posted the find on Facebook in a post that has now gone viral.

Captioning the photo of the condom pile next to the hot water bottle she said: “Just thought I’d share this because I think it's hilarious.

“Been 10 years since I lost my virginity and about seven years since I moved out hahaha.”

Lucy, of Blackpool, Lancs also shared the Whatsapp message exchanged she had with her mother when she discovered them.

Her mum said in the text: “Just found your old water bottle, started young eh? – Mum.”

Cheeky Lucy replied: “Hahahahahaha

“Obviously a good hiding place.”

Lucy said today: “I was completely gobsmacked when she found them.

“I have always been very open with my mum so I knew she would've found the funny side.

“But I had forgotten they were ever there so I was probably just as surprised as my mum.”

Lucy added: “She was clearing out the attic and I had put loads of old stuff in there when I moved out.

“At least I was being safe.

“Although she did say she'd have preferred to have found empty packets, at least she'd have known they were being used.

“I collected them all from visiting the Buzz Bus and they'd give us bags of them each time, obviously I never needed so many.

“I think she was just happy I was being cautious and prepared. Luckily, she's very understanding.

“I think it was the shock of where I was hiding them and how long it's been since they were stashed in the hot water bottle, to then finding them 10 years later.”

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