Who is Mrs Hinch, why is she famous and what are her best cleaning tips?

Who is Mrs Hinch, why is she famous and what are her best cleaning tips?

CLEANING guru Mrs Hinch (aka Sophie Hinchliffe) has welcomed her first child – and fans are over the moon for her.

Here's the latest on the Instagram star and her new arrival.

Who is Mrs Hinch and why is she famous?

Having catapulted to online fame for fun and budget cleaning hacks, fans of the Essex housewife are claiming that the inspiring cleaning content has "changed" their "lives" and worked wonders for their mental health.

Sophie revealed that she didn't go looking for online fame and only created the Mrs Hinch Home account two years ago to avoid "clogging up my personal Instagram and boring everyone with home pictures."

Along with her signature cleaning hacks, Sophie's stunning home interiors taste is often heralded as "home goals" by her "Hinch Army" of likeminded cleaning obsessesives.

During her "early to mid twenties", Sophie suffered with "anxiety and panic attacks" and discovered cleaning was her ultimate coping mechanism.

Sophie said: "I've always been a worrier. But whenever I felt like I might have a panic attack, I would then get up and grab a cloth or a mop or a hoover and just start going."

Having experienced firsthand the calming powers of cleaning, Sophie would work through a to-do list of chores and found that "getting through them was so rewarding."

Along with "minkeh" the Minky cloth, Sophie has also started another online cleaning phenomenon in how she stores her utensils… known online as her very own "Narnia".

When did Mrs Hinch have her baby?

In December 2018, Mrs Hinch announced to her followers she and husband Jamie are expecting a baby, and revealed the news on Instagram.

Then on June 19, 2019 she announced on social media that she's given birth to her son called Ronnie James George Hinchcliffe.

Sharing the happy news with her 2.5 million Instagram followers, the star's husband Jamie, 39, wrote: "Yesterday, the 20th June 2019, at 4:11am, I watched my wife, the love of my life, bring our beautiful son Ronnie James George Hinchcliffe into the world, weighing 6lbs 1oz.

"I didn't think I could love Soph any more than I already do but I was so very wrong. For once, I am completely lost for words."

Who is Mr Hinch?

Mrs Hinch is Sophie Hinchliffe's Instagram alias, as she runs the account mrshinchhome.

Sophie's husband is Jamie Hinchliffe, aka Mr Hinch.

He makes minimal appearances on her Instagram page but fans are always  happy to spot him.

The hairdresser's tips on how to make cleaning fun, and pictures of her immaculately decorated home keeps the fans coming back for more.

Sophie's dog, a Cocker Spaniel Henry has also become famous.

The Essex bride's account has over 2.5million followers due to her cleaning tips gaining worldwide popularity.

Her local Savers' store has even assembled a #HinchArmy stall full of her favourite cleaning products

What is a Minky?

Sophie aims to make cleaning fun instead of a chore, and has named all of her cleaning equipment.

She admits that it "may sound odd to some, but it is a laugh for us all and now everyone is getting involved".

Her antibacterial cleaning pad is named a Minky, after the Minky M Cloth brand.

They're available on Amazon for £29.99.

She's also named her mop Vera and has Dave the feather duster.

What are her best cleaning tips?

Sophie bulk-buys a lot of her cleaning products and she keeps them all in a wardrobe in her garage, which she refers to as her Narnia.

She doesn't use expensive products, and prefers stocking up in Poundland, as they get the job done.

One product which she can't get enough of is Zoflora, which you can grab in Poundland also.

It's a disinfectant liquid which comes in a huge variety of gorgeous scents and it can be used to clean most things.

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