Where To Buy Reebok’s Cotton + Corn Vegan Sneakers, The Shoes Made From "Things That Grow"

Where To Buy Reebok’s Cotton + Corn Vegan Sneakers, The Shoes Made From "Things That Grow"

While I’m definitely not the most health-conscious, eco-friendly person on the planet, I do what I can to do my part little by little, and when my favorite brands introduce innovative products that make this easier, I think they deserve some serious props. If you’ve seen them around, either on Instagram or on the feet of your most environmentally-conscious friends, you’re probably wondering where to buy Reebok’s Cotton + Corn vegan sneakers, and good news, the brand just dropped three new must-have hues. If you’re over 2018’s simplistic white sneaker trend and want something a little more standout for summer 2019, read on for all you need to know about how these kicks can make a difference for the environment — and for your wardrobe.

To be clear, there are three new gorgeous color options on the market, but Reebok first debuted their vegan sneakers back in August 2018 The NPC UK Cotton + Corn Sneakers in Chalk ($90, reebok.com) are priced at just below $100, and are made from, well, cotton and corn. Duh. The uppers are entirely made of cotton, while the biobased sole is derived from corn. How cool is that?

NPC UK Cotton + Corn Sneakers in Chalk



Rebook partnered with DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, a company dedicated to manufacturing the best in biobased solutions and materials, to ensure the footwear fabric would be just right.

Peep the cool, woven cotton texture up close. So good:

These kicks are the only sneakers on the market to be made with 75% USDA-certified biobased content. Oh, and they’re sold in 100% recycled packaging, because of course they are. Reebok really went all out, and I seriously applaud their eco-conscious efforts, but according to the company, this shoe is only step one. “We have been thrilled at the response to the Cotton + Corn line and are excited to release three new colorways to complement the existing Chalk silhouette," said Bill McInnis, Head of Reebok Future, in a press release, "But this is still only the beginning, we are working diligently on the next iteration of the range on our journey to create a 100% biobased, fully compostable shoe.”

I’ll most definitely be buying those as soon as they drop, but until then, these will certainly do:

Now, let’s talk about the three new colorways. I’ve already picked my favorite, but seriously, they’re all really cute.

The boldest of the bunch is dusty, dreamy Blue Slate:

And dainty Lavender Luck would look amazing paired with a sundress in summer:

Still, my fave has to be Industrial Green — I feel like these would work well with all the other neutrals in my closet:

I love that they’ve managed to introduce color to this range without relying on too-trendy neons and other hues destined to get old fast. These are staple shades that still manage to spice up your basic footwear game, and I’m sure they’ll be as popular as the OG kicks in Chalk. If you want to snag any of Reebok’s Cotton + Corn sneakers, you can shop all four pairs live on the Reebok website now.

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